In a recently published report, The Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers released sales numbers of commercial and passenger vehicles for October to December 2021. According to the report, three-wheeler tempo or commercial vehicles have shown the fastest growth among all categories.

What are the reasons for three-wheeler tempo growth and a favourite for goods transport?

We will decode the cause in the following paragraphs. Let us go into the details. You can also buy, sell, and rent second-hand three-wheel tempo through India’s leading online marketplace for a transparent and cost-efficient experience.

Rapid Urbanisation

India is experiencing two types of urbanisation. First, Traditional urbanisation where people go to the megacities for jobs, business and better opportunities. Second, during and post-pandemic people are moving back to small cities, their home towns. They are working from home, starting a new venture. In addition, several States are promoting local businesses and hence jobs for local people.

The above factors boosted demand for goods transported locally and between cities. Three-wheel tempo is the traditionally ideal choice to transport goods for shifting and so, results in higher demand & sales.

Less Expensive and Easy to Maintain

Compare to heavy commercial vehicles, three-wheel tempos are easy to maintain and come at a much lesser cost. You will save at the time of purchase. In addition, repair and maintenance are not expensive. This will save operational costs and saves a lot of money in the long run.

Some of the leading brands manufacture a three-wheeler tempo with a tilt. It helps in maintaining their balance and stability.

Aerodynamics Friendly Design

Experts opined those two wheels in the back and one wheel in the front improves the aerodynamics of the vehicle. It also decreases expenses related to the steering system. Though, its balance and lateral stability while braking and cornering is a matter of debate.

Timely Deliver

Three-wheel tempo is the best way to transport goods through busy city roads. These vehicles can cover the distance in less time and deliver goods on time. Tempo easily bypasses traffic delays through lanes and shortcuts. These are highly flexible and adjustable.

Less Rent and No Parking Woes

Three-wheel tempo needs less space for parking, and you need to pay less rent for goods transport than four-wheeler commercial vehicles.

Leading Brands

Piaggio, Bajaj, Mahindra and several other brands are manufacturing three-wheel tempo for the Indian market. Companies are investing heavily in electric three-wheelers recently. It shows sustainable demand for the three-wheeler segment.

These are significant reasons to choose a three-wheel tempo to transport goods locally. These are fast, cheap, reliable, and with promising prospects. Get your second-hand tempos now at with a range of options. You can browse multiple brands and models to buy or rent for your fleet. In addition, tempo owners can also use the platform to sell their vehicles here.

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