Jewellery repairing is a great way to restore wearability to a priceless item, whether it’s an engagement ring that has been damaged over time or a treasured family heirloom that has gone out of style. Do you want to create bespoke jewellery but are unsure of where to start? Here are some ideas for you to think about.

What does jewellery repair mean?

Simply put, jewellery remaking entails either rebuilding an old piece of jewellery to give it new life or using your old jewellery to create something altogether new.

A woman recently arrived with vintage charm bracelets and chains, totalling around 100g of gold, that her ex-husband had given her years earlier. They still had some nostalgic significance, of course, but she wanted to adapt them to her current situation. She can’t wait to wear the stunning statement gold set we created for her, which includes earrings, a necklace, and a bangle.


The procedure of recreating jewellery is multi-step. The jeweller must first evaluate the state of the present jewellery before determining what should be scrapped and what can be used again. The jeweller can then begin drafting the design for the remake while keeping in mind the desired look, any special characteristics or features that need to be included, and the desired budget. 

The jeweller can begin the process of remaking after the design for the personalised jewellery is finalised. The stones will need to be cut, polished, and set in addition to the metal components being soldered together and, if wanted, a hallmark. The jeweller could also be able to repurpose some of the original elements, such a bracelet’s clasp or a ring’s setting.


The final product is typically a piece of jewellery that captures the essence of the original piece while adding a more contemporary twist. It is typically more contemporary, fashionable, and up-to-date than the original. For my customer, we were able to create a stunning set of jewellery that she may wear and savour for a very long time.




Having your jeweller create a copy of a worn-out piece of jewellery is a great way to recapture its meaning. With the replacement piece mimicking the ring’s front profile, the engagement ring Canberra was recreated using this technique. This is the perfect solution for a piece whose style you still admire but which you cannot wear because of damage or metal fatigue.


Alternatively, you might have your jeweller use the metal or stones from your original item to create an altogether new piece of Australian handmade jewellery.

This is a fantastic method to breathe fresh life into an antique and make something special and one-of-a-kind for you.


Metal or stones could even be used to create a whole new object. You might have the stones put into a pair of earrings or have the metal fashioned into a necklace or bracelet. This is a fantastic way to create brand-new jewellery that is unique to you. Any option you select will guarantee that you receive a brand-new item that you may keep for a long time.


Modern designs


Similar to how fashion trends change over time, some jewellery designs become outdated. This does not, however, mean that you must throw away every last bit. It might only take redesigning the stones in an existing item into a new pattern to give it new life.


For instance, a single-stone ring might be altered to include two stones and a new setting. It will have a brand-new look and become more trendy as a result of this.


Similar to this, a product’s metal composition may be altered to one that is more in demand, such as white gold in place of yellow gold. The piece may be polished and given a new appearance if it contains detailed carvings.


The artwork may look much more appealing if jewels are incorporated into the patterns.


Furthermore, adding a few other elements, such as a clasp or a chain, can also aid in giving the piece a fresh appearance. Finally, you can have your jewellery totally altered and made from scratch if you want to give it a brand-new appearance. Consult a jewellery designer to help you develop a special item that expresses your individuality and sense of style.




It’s not necessary to modify only one piece of jewellery. Several sentimental pieces of jewellery that you own can be combined to create a unique piece of jewellery (but are collecting dust in a drawer). You can work with your jeweller to create a design that would maximise the utilisation of the components.   


You can have a necklace, bracelet, or ring made specifically for you and your experiences using a custom jewellery design. Remaking jewellery can also be used to change the metal type of a piece of jewellery or to reset a diamond or other gemstone into a new setting. Your jeweller can assist you with modernising an ancient item of jewellery that is no longer in style.


The next step is to repair a damaged piece of jewellery via jewellery remaking. To fix it, your jeweller may combine soldering, laser welding, and other methods. In some circumstances, it can be possible to replace missing parts or obsolete components.

Giving worn-out jewellery a makeover is a great method to extend its useful life. You can also use it to make something lovely and one-of-a-kind that you can appreciate for a lifetime.


Let it Shine


When they can only afford a plain design, some couples decide to purchase their wedding and engagement rings. After a while, upgrading to something a little more opulent is a lovely way to remember your shared journey while preserving the significance of your first creation. You may, for instance, improve your engagement ring in Canberra by adding a bigger, more vivid diamond or a more complex setting. A wedding band with more elaborate engravings or a higher carat weight are other options.


A unique anniversary band or an eternity band could be added to your set in addition to new rings to commemorate the length of your marriage. There are several alternatives available when it comes to upgrading your rings. You might choose a fresh look from a different designer or go with locally crafted jewellery created in Australia.


For a more distinctive appearance, you might even decide to add one or more exotic stones to your current rings. Regardless of your decision, upgrading your rings is a heartfelt method to show each other how much you care for and about them. Your upgraded rings will serve as a stunning reminder of your devotion to one another for years to come with the proper design and stone choice.


Modify the colour


If you adore the design but dislike the colour of the metal it is made of, having your jewellery remade may help you fall in love with it all over again. Whether you’ve started wearing more white gold than yellow gold over the years or the previous owner of a piece you inherited preferred a different colour of gold, your jeweller can rebuild it for you in new metal.