AeronPay is a trusted company that provides prepaid card services. AeronPay prepaid card is issued by YES BANK, in partnership with Neokred.

You can use your card across a wide network of merchant establishments in India accepting RuPay-enabled cards.

You can also use the card to withdraw cash from any ATM, check the available balance on your card, and check the transaction history through a mini statement.

Prepaid cards have the flexibility of prepaid and traditional debit cards for making purchases, paying bills, and withdrawing money from ATMs. Enabling the service of a prepaid card is super easy with AeronPay.

Key features of AeronPay prepaid cards that make them different from others:

  • Available in both physical cards, as well as a virtual cards.
  • Tap and pay service to enable.
  • No hidden charges are there.
  • We can withdraw money from ATMs with a physical card.
  • Card charges have to be paid only once and then you can use lifetime.
  • Get CashBack above transactions of 10,000/-
  • Easy to manage your card through applications.
  • You can swipe your card anywhere and shop everywhere.
  • No bank account is required.
  • It’s safer than carrying cash.

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