Air Arabia is the first low-cost airline service in North Africa and the Middle East. It offers regular flights to more than 120 destinations across North Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.

For France, Air Arabia flies from numerous airports, but in particular, in Lyon, Saint-Exupery. The airline provides the majority of its flights using Airbus A320 planes. The fleet currently comprises 31 new planes, as well as an order to purchase 44 Airbus A320 planes is underway.

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Loyalty program

Air Arabia proposes Airewards, an unpaid loyalty program that lets you accumulate and earn points in the hopes of converting points for flights and other products. There are a variety of benefits included in the program:

  • Earn points for each Euro that you spend (100 Airewards points equal the equivalent value of one American dollar)
  • Members earn points for booking flights as well as other features (baggage allowance, selection of seats and meals and travel insurance, etc.)
  • Points are redeemable at any time, in any way: during high season, for promotions, during holiday times, etc.
  • Points can be used for the member as well as for another
  • Possibility of setting up a family account to earn points
  • My Air Arabia is another loyalty program that offers the following benefits: Real-time updates on promotions and news
  • Be sure to make reservations as early as possible
  • Management of bookings is simple and access to your account’s history, such as.

Services on board

The choice of the airline Air Arabia allows you to enjoy the following services on board:

  • “Fun On Board “Fun on board” programme allows passengers to participate in entertaining activities on the boat such as dancing, singing and even quizzes.
  • A wide selection of TV programs including news, films and sports events, among others.
  • Animation program for children (drawing faces, drawing and more.)
  • Sky Cafe, restaurant service that serves food from a variety of nations. The meals can be booked ahead of time, either online via phone or online, through your travel agent or in any of the company’s physical locations.
  • Sky Mall, duty-free gift items in a catalogue that is ideal for making the most value from money or special offer purchases
  • Al Nawras, in-flight magazine that provides entertainment, news, and health-related advice, etc.
  • Possibility of selecting your seat if you are traveling by yourself or with your family.


All guidelines and restrictions pertaining to the transportation of gels, liquids and paste-based items in hand luggage are applicable to every Air Arabia flights, no regardless of the destination. The European laws governing unauthorised objects are also applicable for the entirety of Air Arabia flights.

To ensure your travel arrangements and flights via Air Arabia, you will be subject to the following requirements concerning the weight and size of luggage

  • Hand luggage weight limit in the cabin: 10 kg
  • The dimensions for a hand luggage that is free in the cabins dimensions: 55x40x20cm
  • There is no limit on the number of bags that can be carried in the hold (payable)
  • Weight of the maximum hold bag 32 kilograms
  • The maximum dimensions of each carry bag Maximum dimension of each hold luggage: 160 cm.

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