Are you tired of sweltering summers in Pakistan? Do you want an affordable solution to keep your surroundings cool and comfortable? Look no further than air coolers! Here we will discuss air coolers and explore their benefits, types, features, and most importantly, the Air Cooler Prices in Pakistan. So, grab a chilled drink and let’s explore how you can beat the heat without breaking the bank.

What is an air cooler and what is the air cooler price in Pakistan?

An air cooler, also known as an evaporative cooler or purge cooler, cools the air by evaporating water. As the air flows through the water, some particles on the surface of the water are blown away. These particles carry away heat and cool the air and every air cooler runs the same mechanism. Through this article, you will learn how an air cooler works.

How does a water air cooler work?

Sweat works the same way. As water particles on the surface of the skin evaporate, they remove heat and cool the skin. These water-cooled coolers are also known to use 75% less energy than central air conditioning.

Exhaust coolers come in a variety of styles. Some systems spray a fine mist into the air and blow it out with a fan. The water in this mist is made up of fine droplets, which easily evaporate and absorb heat from the air. Another method is to force air to blow onto the moistened material. For example, through fine mesh or wet leaves. The moistened material is cooled as it evaporates, thereby cooling the air.

Depending on the temperature, air can only hold a certain amount of moisture. When the temperature exceeds this amount, moisture begins to condense from the air at the same rate as it evaporates, effectively blocking evaporative cooling.

How does a waterless air cooler work?

Direct evaporative coolers are used in both residential and industrial displacement coolers and are described by an internal metal or plastic box with ventilated sides. A centrifugal fan or blower moves air and a water pump wets the evaporative cooling pads. Cooling units can be mounted on the roof, exterior walls, or windows of a building. The fan draws air in through vents on the side of the unit to wet and cool the pads. The heat of the air evaporates water from the plates, which constantly re-wet them to continue the cooling process.

Amazing benefits of using air coolers?

Energy savings:

The average energy consumption of an air cooler is ten times lower than that of a conventional air conditioner, which significantly reduces consumers’ electricity bills. Today, some air coolers are also equipped with inverter technology, which can reduce energy consumption even further. This technology can save up to 50% on energy and electricity bills compared to conventional air coolers.

Another advantage of inverter refrigerators is that, thanks to electronically variable motors, noise levels are significantly reduced, making work and video calls much more relaxing and enjoyable.

Capital and recurring costs:

Air conditioners have costs for purchase and installation, as well as operation and maintenance. Therefore, air coolers are much cheaper than air conditioners.

Environmentally friendly:

Air conditioners use harmful chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), while air coolers are an environmentally friendly option because they use the natural process of evaporative cooling and do not produce carbon dioxide emissions.

Air quality:

Room air coolers circulate fresh air by drawing hot air from outside and cooling it. In addition, the circulating air is filtered and well-hydrated, making it easy to breathe. It also keeps the skin moist. An air conditioner, in turn, circulates the residual air in the house.

Installation and portability:

Unlike air conditioners, air conditioners require professional installation and are stationary units. However, air coolers do not need to be installed. You just need to fill the tank with water and plug it in. Nowadays air coolers are easily moved and called portable air coolers

What are the different types of air coolers?

Below is a comparative analysis of the different types of air coolers, their unique features and other additional features. This table is sure to help you make a quick decision when choosing the right cooling system.

  1. Personal Coolers

Designed for tight spaces, personal coolers are the most common coolers found in the average home. They are also known as mini coolers and can be placed anywhere in the home, such as near a bed or couch. Another advantage of personal coolers is that they are lightweight and portable. They can be easily moved from one room to another thanks to the wheels.

As for the tank capacity of these coolers, they are not much bigger than other air coolers. The tank volume ranges from 10 liters to 30 liters. The disadvantage is that you have to refill the water two or three times a day.

Another feature of these coolers is that they are equipped with a fan, which improves the air circulation in the room.

Now let’s talk about energy consumption. Coolers consume very little energy and purify the surrounding air, providing fresh, cool air.

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  1. Tower coolers

Designed for excellent airflow, this cooler is one of the smartest cooling solutions. Although it is a large unit, its slim and sleek design allows it to be installed in the tightest of spaces.

Its modern and stylish appearance adds aesthetic value to your home or space. The chiller can cool a larger room or area in less time. End coolers distribute air vertically to cool large spaces quickly.

As for the tank capacity of tower coolers, it is larger compared to individual coolers. However, the capacity depends on the model chosen. It is usually between 20 and 50 litres.

The functionality of tower coolers is characterized by the combination of fans and water cooling. Their function is to draw in hot air and evaporate the heat to produce cool air.

Air coolers are quieter and less noisy than other coolers. Like personal coolers, these units are equipped with wheels. They can be easily moved to fit the floor space in your home or even flat.

Tower air coolers are easy to maintain and clean. They are ideal for small to medium-sized rooms or areas on a budget.

  1. Window coolers

Designed to be installed near windows, these coolers take up very little space. They are similar to window air conditioners except for features and performance.

Window air conditioners do not take up installation space. However, they can cool an entire room. Another advantage of these air coolers is their low energy consumption and high cooling efficiency.

These air coolers are characterized by their versatility. If you do not want to install them on a window, you can place the cooler on a specially designed-portable cart. Window coolers are not portable. However, the same

Portable carts

As for tank capacity, they can consume about 30-60 litres of water. As for price, these coolers are more expensive than personal coolers or tower coolers. They also require more maintenance than dual coolers.

Window coolers are perfect for small to medium-sized rooms or areas.

  1. Desert coolers

Desert coolers are unique in that they operate efficiently in dry weather conditions such as desert areas. This is why they are called desert coolers. Like tower coolers, they use the principle of evaporation. So, before paying for the air cooler price in Pakistan consider the above mentioned features.


In conclusion, desert air coolers are a compact but powerful home cooling solution. The benefits of a well-maintained cooler are numerous and the comfort that the cooler provides is excellent.

Now you have an idea of the different types of coolers on the market and their versatility and eco-friendliness. Make the right decision for buying and paying the air cooler price in Pakistan based on your home’s specific needs and invest in a product that offers value for money.