Long, solid, and strong describe heavy duty piano hinges. They work well in situations when heavy doors, lids, cabinets, gates, and other objects need to be moved. The heavy duty continuous hinge is another name for the heavy duty piano hinge. Heavy durable continuous hinges in a number of designs are available for purchase from Metal yard. These Stainless Steel Piano Hinges Heavy Duty are available from Metal yard in aluminium, stainless steel, and plain steel.

We also provide a wide selection of different heavy duty specialised hinges. Butt Hinges, Spring Latches, Continuous Hinges, and Weld-On Hinges are a few of the other high duty hinges we carry in stock. If the hinge you need does not already exist, we can design the ideal bespoke hinge for you. For more help, kindly get in touch with our customer care team. They may assist with customisation and can also help you locate the most affordable option for your needs.

Steel Construction

Different types of materials are available for piano hinges. Aluminum and steel are a couple of the elements that are most frequently used in their construction. The latter material is what you want if you need a sturdy piano hinge.

Naturally, Stainless Steel Piano Hinges Heavy Duty are made to support heavy loads. They are frequently utilised with heavy goods like outside doors, big gates, and other objects. Piano hinges made of aluminium are resistant to corrosion but aren’t as sturdy as those made of steel. Steel piano hinges can support heavier objects since they are stronger and more durable.

Through Holes

When selecting a heavy-duty piano hinge, look for through holes. The piano hinge can be installed using through holes and threaded fasteners like screws or bolts. To secure the piano hinge to the underlying object, you can insert the fasteners into these holes.

Through holes aren’t present in all piano hinges. Some of them include solid leaf designs without any perforations. Additionally, they need a different installation technique, such welding, as they lack holes. However, once fitted, piano hinges with through holes are often stronger and more secure.

Military Spec Finish

A military standard finish is another item to keep an eye out for when selecting a heavy-duty piano hinge. The finishes that adhere to the US defence standard are those with the military spec designation.

Heavy-duty piano hinges with a military-spec finish are available. You may relax knowing that the piano hinge has a military-spec finish since it won’t deteriorate from environmental contact. The majority of military-spec coatings provide defence against moisture and its side effects, such as corrosion.