Camp Walden, provide exceptional care because we truly care about the camper’s experience. Our experienced directors are dedicated to meeting the needs of each child. Through their focus and skillful leadership they create a safe positive environment where campers thrive. Walden’s meager camper-to-staff ratio also ensures that each camper receives individual attention.

A Commitment to Children

Our leadership team members are professional teachers and coaches who work with children throughout the year. All of our highly trained staff members are dedicated to keeping campers safe active and happy every day. Walden staff members serve as strong role models who provide high-quality instruction build self-esteem and guide campers to challenge themselves and support each other.

Caring Counselors and Skilled Specialists

Our cabin counselors are warm loving individuals full of energy and enthusiasm. They care for and encourage their campers every day to make sure everyone is having fun and making friends our talented experts are skilled passionate teachers who teach in their specific areas of expertise. Specialists help campers develop their skills while promoting the joy of play.

Walden’s staff is trained mentored and supported by the best leadership team a camp could have. They are the rest of the dedicated professionals who are involved in every aspect of camp. From planning fun activities for campers to sitting in the bunkhouse late into the night our leadership team helps ensure takes an active role in ensuring that everyone is cared for and supported at Walden we know that our amazing staff members are truly the heart and soul of our program and our leadership team is guiding these staff.


Summer camp is in Lauren’s heart and soul. Her passion for camp combined with her training and experience in education and summer camping allows her to expertly oversee all aspects of camper care Lauren holds a bachelor’s degree.

Lauren has taught in public and private schools and served as vice principal of a 400-student private school in Schenectady, New York Lauren has been devoted to summer camp almost her entire life. She grew up as a sleep-away camper and grew up to become a counselor and group leader at her childhood camp. Her camp experience includes full-time positions as girl’s head counselor boys head counselor assistant director and director of both for-profit and for-profit day and sleeps away camps. At camp Walden, all staff members directly responsible for the health and happiness of campers report to Lauren.


Mark combines his love for camp with his business experience to keep all aspects of the Walden program In top shape. Mark’s camp background goes back to childhood summers spent at camp and college summers when he worked as a head counselor. Mark also has a great passion for and knowledge of the Adirondacks. Mark is an entrepreneur specializing in multimedia and distance learning he and his former business partners invented the first pc based virtual classroom and web conferencing software product. At Walden mark manages all facilities operations and support centers.

History of Camp Walden

Camp Walden began in 1916 when two determined and forward-thinking New York City educators Blanche Hirsch and Clara altshull purchased a beautiful wooded property in Denmark Maine for a girl camp.

Camp Walden is based on

Their goal was to create an environment in the spirit of Henry David Thoreau’s Walden where city girls could experience the outdoors away from the pressures of their everyday lives.

A summary of Walden

Walden details Henry David Thoreau’s two-year stay in a self-contained lakeside cabin in the woods learning about solitude nature work thought and fulfillment during a break from modern city life.

The main idea of Walden economy

Thoreau identifies only four needs food shelter clothing and fuel. camp Walden Since nature itself has much to provide them a person willing to accept nature’s basic gifts can live on earth with minimal effort. Any attempt at luxury is likely to be more of a hindrance than an aid to an individual’s improvement.