The world of options is confusing yet enticing world for all. Options are not only enticing but also beneficial for us. When it comes to two-wheeler tyres the options also mean more safety and comfort. Options in the tyre industry does not mean differentiating due to radial tyres price, it is more about comfort and safety. Let us understand what a radial tyre is. 

What is a Radial Tyre?

A radial tyre is designed so that the carcass cord threads are not crossed, but rather arranged radially, parallel to each other. The number of cord layers can be odd. You can choose between tubeless or tubed versions of this tyre. A radial tyre has a sidewall made up of cord layers with almost parallel threads. In order to provide greater strength and elasticity, tyre carcasses are made from tough, elastomeric, and lightweight synthetic polyamide fabrics. During tyre manufacture, steel cords are used to manufacture the belts covering the carcasses. The most common type of tubeless radial tyre on passenger cars is the tubeless radial tyre. It is not a tube, but rather an inner liner that is used in tubeless tyres. It is the inflation of tubes and the flexibility of tyres that provide tyres with shock absorption. 

What are the benefits of Radial Tyres? 

The radial tyres for bikes have the following benefits in comparison to the normal tyres:

  • Using these tyres will get you a good steering control. This is because these tyres offer great flexibility that result in enhanced control on your vehicle. 
  • Radial tyres have better sensitivity of contact with the road surface. This provides better grip or traction on the outer part of the tyre surface. 
  • These tyres give better driving comfort due to flexible sidewalls resulting in adapting to the shape of the surface. This helps in absorbing the bumps. 
  • This type of tyre is known for lesser heat generation while you are driving at higher speed on a smooth highway or a bad section of road.
  • The resistance against tread related damages is much higher in these tyres. 

There are many more benefits of radial tyres that can be listed easily. 


For better grip and steady motion of your vehicle you must opt for Radial tyres.