There are many specialised disciplines in medical science developed over the years. These disciplines focus on the various parts of human physiology and impart knowledge of the organ systems involved. The divisions of medical science enable us to pursue a specialised course to become specialist physicians for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to those organ systems. One such division is the urology part which deals with the urinary system of the human body.

Medical aspirants with a master’s degree in surgery pursue a course specifically designed to focus on the urology section of human physiology. This course is called M Ch in Urology. The elaborate version is a Master of Chirurgiae. This course has a duration of three years in which candidates study the urological organ system of the human body and understand the diseases involved. They also gather surgical skills specifically focusing on the urinary system of male and female patients and learn to operate based on the specific requirements. Let us discuss what this advanced course in medical science studies is and how you can benefit by pursuing it.

What is an M Ch in Urology course?

The urinary system of the human body is a complex organ system that involves kidneys, a urinary bladder, urinary ducts and the private parts. The physiological features and the clinical aspect of this system are studied vividly for three years in this course. Students also study the applications of surgical skills in this domain. They also get a vivid idea of embryology, anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, biochemistry, microbiology and pathology linked to the urinary system of the human body.

This course is specifically designed to deliver knowledge and practical skills to students who want to become specialised surgeons in this domain. They understand the diseases developed in the urinary system and use their knowledge to design a treatment plan. They also educate patients regarding various diseases that cannot be cured but can be managed.

What are the subjects studied in this course?

There is a vivid list of subjects studied in this course. These subjects focus on the following domains of medical science.

  • Anatomy of the genitourinary tract, adrenal organ system and retroperitoneal system
  • Applied physiology related to urology, nephrology, renovascular diseases and renal transplantation
  • Embryology
  • Genitourinary radiology and nuclear medicine
  • Infertility issues
  • Endocrinology, etc

As we can see how vivid this course is, it takes three years to complete. The proper division of the entire course in semesters makes it easier for the candidates to pursue it and acquire a master’s degree after completing their graduation.

How studying this urology course can benefit you?

  • Studying this course in one of the M Ch in Urology colleges in Pune will enable you to gather a specialized degree to become a specialist surgeon in this division. You will gain in-depth knowledge in this segment and will be able to develop surgical skills to perform invasive procedures.
  • Understanding the diseases that generally develop in patients will also help you focus on fabricating treatment and cure plans. You will also be able to realize the current condition of the patients and will help them to get better by changing lifestyle habits.
  • This course will also make you capable enough to do the right diagnosis and design a treatment plan considering the other ailments and conditions a patient is suffering from.


This course will help you get a specialized degree in surgery and become a trained medical professional. All you have to do is to choose a suitable name among the top M Ch in Urology colleges in Pune and pursue this course.