Being independent is a nice quality, but it’s not healthy for our teeth. When we rip package tapes without using scissors, we could feel cool and untouchable. Because teeth are made of glass, they will inevitably develop tiny cracks. We cannot see the little placards, though, unlike our windshields. Pain will be your first symptom if you’re unlucky. The worst occurrences involve split teeth, which may eventually result in tooth loss. Some cases may just result in wear and chips.

You might not consider having healthy teeth until they are no longer so, for whatever reason. While some people are more prone to tooth decay than others, you can prevent tooth decay by following some simple guidelines like brushing frequently and visiting the dentist every six months or even getting Pleasanton Invisalign if it is required. However, there are other traps that can harm your teeth, and they are also fairly common.

Lemon water is beneficial for our digestive systems, but like all health recommendations, there are advantages and disadvantages. And being in the middle is preferable. If we do consume this, it is best to do so only once per day and to drink the entire glass of flavor-infused water at once rather than savoring it throughout the day. See, substances other than water are capable of releasing acids. Sugars also produce acids as byproducts. In order to prevent cavities, white spots, and worn teeth, the environment in the mouth cannot be acidic throughout the day.

The purpose of your teeth is not to break open plastic packages or gnaw on fingernails, despite the fact that they may be sharp. According to, biting your nails can also cause gingivitis and tooth loss. Each tooth’s tip is tiny and weak, while being sharp, so if you’re chewing and tearing anything that aren’t food, it could chip or even break.

Simply picture your teeth as high-gloss kitchen counters or tiles. You don’t want to use a steel brush or other harsh cleaners with grit on it, correct? The same applies to how we should care for our teeth; we should use gentle, prolonged strokes, especially with Pleasanton Braces. It’s time to change when the tips are already sharp, when they are spread, or after three months have passed. Drying your toothbrush prevents the growth of microorganisms. Anything that is constantly damp invites bacteria. You don’t want to bring these up again.

Although it’s common knowledge that candy is sticky, sugary, and increases the risk of cavities, other, healthier meals might be just as bad for your teeth. Juicing and fruit smoothies are two health fads that are gaining popularity. According to a BBC news report, while these concoctions are rich in vitamins and minerals, they also include a lot of sugar and acid, which can be bad for teeth.