Best Amex Credit Cards with Singapore

1. American Exhibit True Cashback Card

Who should go for this: People who like cashback.

What you’ll like: You get 3% cashback entire for the first six months, limited to a total spend of S$5 000. After that, the procuring is 1 . 5% of all purchases, goods, or services. To know about Amex Trs Company Inc, click here

Exclusive privileges: You get to be a part of often the American Express Selects process that offers discounts on dining experiences. There are additional Accurate Cashback Deals, and take-a-trip offers every year with this finest Cashback card among Curb market credit cards.

2. American Exhibit Rewards Card

Who may go for this: Those who love to encourage points and the things they will buy you on the payoff.

What you’ll love: With spending S$1 500 within 3 months of getting your playing card, you get 24 000 Health club Rewards points. Additionally, you can contribute five places of your choice with Singapore (from the card’s list of 150 outlets like supermarkets, fuel stations, manner, and electronics stores, and restaurants) where you can get 50 percent more rewards points for any first three months. Also, when your annual spend is more than S$5, 000 you are eligible for 50 percent higher reward points for every kind of purchase. What’s more, often, the reward points have no expiration date, which means you can keep adding them up till you have enough to redeem for your favorite item in their incentives catalog or convert into frequent flyer miles.

Exclusive privileges: Apart from the American Exhibit Selects dining program, you get to be part of the Usa Express Global Dining System that covers eateries throughout Singapore and abroad. Exciting travel offers also are collected every year.

3. American Communicate CapitaCard

Who should go just for this: Those who shop a lot of CapitaLand Malls.

What you’ll enjoy: At CapitaLand Malls, you can find 5 STAR$ rewards for every S$1 spent. Selected spending from participating outlets is sure to get you an extra 10 STAR$, with a maximum of S$1 190 per month being eligible for this kind of reward. You can redeem all these STAR$ for CapitaLand deals.

Special privileges: If your regular monthly credit card use is more than S$1 200, you can also avail of 3-hour complimentary parking per nearby mall. You can also park in Lucky Parking lots at decided CapitaLand Malls if you spend at least S$1 800 in the month. Dining and lodge booking discounts are also offered.

4. American Express American platinum eagle Credit Card

Who should go just for this: Those who love lifestyle savings.

What you’ll love: Typically, the welcome gifts! On the exclusive fee offer, you get a Philips Air Purifier and a Tumi Vapour Luggage, while with the initial fee waiver offer, you have a Samsonite Armet Spinner 57cm Expandable Luggage. Reward factors collected through the Platinum Charge card – 2 points for each S$1. Sixty spent as well as 10 points for each S$1. sixty spent at Platinum ADDITIONAL Partners – do not run out.

Special privileges: You become part of the Platinum Dining encounter, American Express Selects program, and Global Dining program, being eligible for up to half a discount on dining in restaurants and hotels around the globe. You also get an exclusive journey, wellness, golfing, and entertainment, along with other lifestyle deals.

5. United states Express Platinum Reserve Charge card

Who should go for this: People who love lifestyle discounts.

Precisely what you’ll love: 2 regular membership Points are earned for each S$1. Sixty spent as well as 10 points for each S$1. sixty spent at Platinum FURTHER Partners. These points very last indefinitely.

Special privileges: American platinum eagle Reserve card gives you many travel and lifestyle liberties. From a free night’s continue to be at one of the Capri components to concessions on staycations at boutique hotels, or maybe more to 50% discounts about restaurants to luxury boat and golf course discounts, this kind of card is filled with holiday deals.

6. American Express Singapore Aircraft KrisFlyer Credit Card

Who might go for this: Frequent flyers.

Precisely what you’ll love: You get a bonus of 5, 000 KrisFlyer miles the first time you swipe your American Express Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Credit Card, as well as 3, 000 KrisFlyer miles if you spend S$700 within the first six months of getting the. You can accumulate KrisFlyer kilometers for practically every buck paid through a credit card. You can avail of 2 KrisFlyer kilometers per S$1 spent on chosen purchases through the Singapore Flight companies website, Silk Air website, KrisShop, and at SilkAir SkyShop, both in-flight and on the internet. Until June 30, 2017, you get a cashback of S$150 on the next purchase via the Singapore Airlines website whenever you spend S$12 000 on the card. The accrued KrisFlyer miles are directly used in your KrisFlyer account and have no conversion fee.

Unique privileges: You get several eating discounts and many other perks, for example, airport lounge access as well as car rental discounts.

7. United states Express Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Ascend Credit Card

Who is going for this: Frequent flyers.

Precisely what you’ll love: You get a bonus of 5, 000 KrisFlyer miles the first time you swipe your card, and you also receive another 5, 000 KrisFlyer miles if you spend S$1, 000 in the first six months of getting the card. You can collect 1 ) 2 KrisFlyer miles each S$1 spent on selected spending anywhere, and 2 KrisFlyer miles for each foreign currency similar to S$1 spent in foreign countries in the months of Summer and December.

Particular liberties: Free airport lounge gain access to and car rental discounts separated; this card also will give you a free night’s stay with Centuries Hotels and Resorts, a KrisFlyer tier upgrade on investing more than S$15, 000 within the credit card in 1 year of having it, and higher Journey Inconvenience & Travel Incident benefits.

8. American Show Singapore Airlines PPS Golf club Credit Card

Who should go with this: Frequent flyers.

What you will love: You get a bonus associated with 5 000 KrisFlyer kilometers the first time you swipe your card and another ten 000 KrisFlyer miles in case you spend S$3 000 within the first six months. You get one 3 KrisFlyer mile for each S$1 spent in Singapore and overseas for optimum spending of S$3 eight hundred in a month. If your costs are above S$3 eight hundred in a month, you can earn KrisFlyer miles at just one. 4 miles are usually spent in Singapore, and two miles for overseas buys. You also get 2 MLS on purchases at Singapore Airlines and Silk Surroundings websites and at KrisShop along with SilkAir SkyShop both in-flight and online.

Particular liberties: Up to June 30, 2017, you can avail 50% KrisFlyer Miles Redemption Voucher when you spend S$75 000 or higher overall. On spending S$15 000 or more on the Singapore Airlines website, you are qualified to receive Double KrisFlyer Miles Accrual Voucher. There are several offers for dining, airport lounge gain access, car rentals, luxury yachts, club sets, spas, and significant resorts.

9. American Express Singapore Airlines Solitaire PPS Mastercard

Who should go for this: Repeated flyers.

What you’ll enjoy: You get a bonus of your five 000 KrisFlyer miles initially if you swipe your credit and another 15 000 KrisFlyer miles if you expend S$3 000 in the initial six months. KrisFlyer accumulation pace is 1 . 3 miles for every S$1 spent throughout Singapore as well as overseas for the maximum spending of S$3, 800 in a month; when you end up spending more than S$3, 800 in a month, you can generate KrisFlyer miles at the price of 1. 5 miles about spends in Singapore as well as 2 . 4 miles about overseas purchases. In addition, you receive 2 miles on buys at Singapore Airlines as well as Silk Air websites, as well as KrisShop, and at SilkAir SkyShop purchases both in-flight as well as online.