When you think of travel, American Tourister is a brand that instantly
comes to mind. Perhaps you even picture Cristiano Ronaldo checking in
with his yellow Curio luggage in the brand’s latest “Bring Back More”
campaign commercial. American Tourister has evolved into one of the
most popular luggage brands in the world due to its strategic
partnerships, unique brand positioning, and range of high-quality luggage
and travel accessories. 

Recently, the brand introduced a new line of luggage that is exclusively
available in Kuwait. In this blog, we will explore what makes American
Tourister’s Kuwait-exclusive luggage unique and why travelers should
consider investing in this range of luggage.

Design and Aesthetics: The luggage range comes in a variety of
colors and patterns that are inspired by the local culture and
landmarks of Kuwait. The unique designs make the luggage visually
appealing and help it stand out on the luggage carousel at the

Durability: The luggage is made with high-quality materials that
can withstand the wear and tear of travel. It also features spinner
wheels, making maneuvering through the airport and streets easy.

Functionality: The interiors are spacious and well-organized, with
multiple compartments and pockets to organize belongings. The
luggage also features TSA-approved locks that ensure security
during travel. 

Kuwait Offers: American Tourister’s Kuwait offers are specific to
the local market. For example, the luggage has a free extension of
up to 5 years, longer than the standard warranty period. Customers
who purchase the luggage are also eligible for a free airport transfer
service to and from the airport.

Brand Reputation: American Tourister is known for its high-quality
and durable products. The Kuwait-exclusive luggage range is no
exception, and customers can trust that they are investing in a
product that will last them for many future trips. The unique
features of the Kuwait-exclusive luggage range further bolster the
brand’s reputation for reliability and functionality.