An accident on the Goa-Mumbai highway took the lives of nine, including one kid.

By Republic Aeon Web Desk: In the Raigad area of Maharashtra, an accident on the Goa-Mumbai highway claimed the lives of nine individuals, including one kid.

At 4.45 a.m., the accident occurred in the Raigad village of Repoli, which is more than 130 kilometers from Mumbai. According to Superintendent of Police Somnath Charge, the victims—all relatives—were traveling in the van to Guhagar, which is located in the Ratnagiri district.

In a nutshell: 

  • A truck and a car collided head-on on the Mumbai-Goa highway in the Raigad district of Maharashtra; 
  • Nine people were killed, including a 4-year-old boy; 
  • The child was rescued by locals. 
  • A child and three women were among the nine people who died this morning when a car and a truck collided head-on on the Mumbai-Goa highway.

On the Goa-Mumbai highway in the Repoli area of the Raigad district, a van-truck collision resulted in nine deaths and one injury. A girl child, three women, and five men were among the deceased. A four-year-old girl was hurt, according to Superintendent of Police Somnath Gharge.

The accident occurred around 5 a.m. today near Mangaon on the highway, according to the police.

The car was traveling to Guhagar in the Ratnagiri district while the truck was traveling to Mumbai. The car’s severely damaged remains indicate the severity of the collision.

Five men and three women were killed. According to police, an injured child has been rushed to the hospital.

According to the police, a speeding truck collided with a car on the Mumbai-Goa highway in the Raigad district of Maharashtra on Thursday morning, resulting in the deaths of at least nine people, including a child.

Nine deaths occurred. A girl, three women, and five men were among the deceased, the official stated.

Notably, the early morning accident caused traffic on the Mumbai-Goa highway to stop for a while. The location was inspected by the police as soon as the information about the accident was received, and traffic was made to flow smoothly. In addition, the location of the accident victims is the subject of an investigation. A terrible incident occurred simultaneously in the Sindhudurg district’s Kankavali. When the bus flipped, it killed four people and injured 21. They added that traffic on the highway has resumed and that the incident is being investigated.

At 4.45 a.m., the accident occurred near the village of Repoli in Raigad, more than 130 kilometers from Mumbai. Superintendent of Police Somnath Gharge told PTI that the victims, all relatives, were traveling in a Maruti Suzuki Eeco van to Guhagar town in the Ratnagiri district. He also said that the truck was headed toward Mumbai.

Three of the nine people who died were women, and one was a child, as reported by ANI. One child was also seriously hurt in the accident, according to the Raigad police, and he is currently receiving treatment at a government hospital in Mangaon.

The accident resulted in the death of nine people, including four women, including a 4-year-old boy.

After Goregaon police arrived, the infant was saved with the help of the locals.

More information is awaited.

A Maruti Suzuki Eeco was destroyed in the front in photographs taken at the scene of the accident. The truck’s front also has significant damage, which suggests that it may have been hit head-on.

The force of the collision was so great that the vehicles’ bodies fell apart. Due to the damage, removing the bodies from the vehicle proved extremely challenging. Using an iron cutter, the police and other officials dismantled the vehicles to remove the bodies.

The victims, as stated by the PTI, were all residents of the Guhagar village of Hedvi. According to the official, the victims’ bodies have been sent to a government hospital for post-mortem.

Superintendent of Police Somnath Charge stated that after receiving information about the accident, police reached the location and began the rescue operation. PTI reported that the child who was injured in the incident has been admitted to a Mangaon hospital.

For post-mortem, the deceased’s bodies have been taken to a government hospital. The accident’s root cause has not yet been determined.