Searching for proper decking materials is not an easy task. You may have to face difficulties in numerous fronts. Over the last few decades, options for decking material have grown in many folds. First of all, you need to have a decking material that is perfect to support anything you put on your deck. Secondly, they are being the most visible part of your entire deck structure, so, they need to look decent and attractive too. Apart from these two crucial points, you have to ascertain the durability, cost affectivity, resistance against weather and insects and so on. Therefore, you need to have an insight about decking materials.

Types of Deck Boards

Among many types of deck boards available in the market, there are 3 basic types those are competing with each other in the market to get the top position. They are timbers, composites, and metals. As far as timber decking material is concerned, Silvertop ash decking has become the most popular choice trend.

The Special Advantages of The Material

The timber is processed from trees of Myrtaceae family. This tall and matured tree can have hard and deeply furrowed dark gray to blackish bark, covering the trunk. Even untreated sapwood is not susceptible to lyctid borer attack. However, it accepts preservative impregnation very well and retains for long. The durability of the timber in-ground qualifies Class 3 and the life expectancy is long enough for uses in residential and industrial furniture and decorative projects. Following are technical advantages of this particular decking material.

  • Hardness: It is hard enough for indentation but at the same time you can find it easy to work with normal hand tools.
  • Machining: It complies with all kinds of machines very well.
  • Fixing: You will never face any difficulty while doing standard fastening and fittings.
  • Gluing: You can very satisfactorily use standard bonding procedures.
  • Finishing: You can assure prompt finishing as it readily accepts stain, paint, and polish.
  • Construction: You can use it in general construction, flooring, panelling, screening, and cladding and in many other ways.
  • Decorative: This material is highly suitable for steam bending which gives essential attraction to both indoor and outdoor furniture.

Positive Aspects of Silvertop Ash as Decking Material

Your search for a perfect decking material will certainly end when you find this particular one with all the required positive features. To say in a nut shell, this is the super material you can get to meet all basic qualities in a decking material for you.

  • It is tough and durable making it very suitable for domestic and industrial uses.
  • It is easy to work on and lots of architectural work can be done with it.
  • It is a natural Blonde – Yellow color which is sometimes brown or pinkish and sometimes has slight brown streaks and naturally have pinhole through the timber.
  • You can very easily notice the prominent presence of a medium texture, interlocking grain and attractive growth rings in the wood that adds to eye-catching attraction.
  • It is a fire-resistant timber and is therefore ideal for use in fire porn areas.
  • Available in various sizes, make it suitable to use in various projects.
  • Silvertop Ash decking is one of the popular choices for finishing the exterior of commercial & domestic buildings and external cladding for commercial, residential, and outdoor structures.
  • Claddings with it have been used extensively on a number of architect-designed homes.
  • It is light weight when compared to other similar materials, making it an ideal solution for use in difficult sites.