Frogman Watch, analogue

Since its inception, Casio has managed to maintain its standing among competing companies. Because of their resilience, affordability, and durability, Casio watches are well-known all over the world. Customers can choose from the best series Casio has ever produced, which includes numerous capabilities and is housed in a futuristic timepiece. It uses premium components to create its clocks, giving them a sleek, angular, and sophisticated appearance. Numerous timepieces from Casio have been created with the company’s customers’ top priorities in mind. Edifice, Pro-trek, Classic, Black Analogue, G-Shock, and numerous other Casio brands are among them. Let’s talk about the Casio G-Shock line, whose popularity hasn’t changed since it first debuted.

G-Shock watches from Casio

The G-SHOCK watch from CASIO is known for its durability; it was designed with the goal of “creating a watch that never breaks.” Over 200 examples were produced and put through testing before the first G-Shock, dubbed “the toughest watch of all time,” eventually hit the streets of Japan in 1983. Each watch contains seven components: toughness, low-temperature resistance, vibration resistance, shock resistance, electric shock resistance, and gravity resistance. 

The watch is protected from direct shocks by the most recent Casio technologies and inventions, including suspended timekeeping modules inside the watch structure and internal components covered in urethane. When discussing G-Shock watches, it is impossible to move on without addressing the enduring Frogman, which has been a part of the brand since its debut in 1993. In 2020, Casio unveiled the first-ever Analogue Frogman, an advanced, ISO-6425-rated linked dive watch that adds a wholly new set of features while skillfully carrying on the long traditions of the Frogman’s remarkable capacity.

Frogman G-Shock:

The current digital Frogman (GWF-D1000, where “D” refers to “Digital”), which was released in 2016, is not intended to be replaced by the new Frogman (GWF-A1000, where “A” most likely stands for Analogue), but rather to supplement it. Both watch models have a six-band atomic clock accuracy control system, a 200-meter water resistance rating, shock resistance, and Casio’s “Tough Solar” sun-powered movement. 

However, the outdated digital model with three sensors still has a function that the newly connected analog model does not: a depth gauge. It may seem like a crucial omission, but the new Frogman aims to make up for it with a brand-new G-Shock Frogman app that manages time adjustments, changes watch settings, checks on local tide conditions, and manages a long-term dive log, surpassing the digital version (which could only remember up to 20 dives).


Improved reading is provided by the hour and minute hands, as well as the enlarged dimensions index. The hour, minute, and global time hands may move quickly thanks to three dual-coil motors, allowing the wearer to switch modes instantly. The back cover and casing are integrated by the monocoque case. The casing material, carbon fiber reinforced resin, offers excellent strength and low absorbency. In addition, the metal ring that is press-fit to the glass is safely secured by six screws. The triple-gasket connections on the button shafts help to increase water resistance. 

The fluoroelastomer material’s soft feel, superior resistance to stains and hydrolysis, and superb fit on the wrist all contribute to this. To signify the diving time, the hour and minute hands can be pulled together as one at the beginning of a dive. Using both hands, the surface interval will be displayed after resurfacing. The dive time and surface interval readings are indicated by the second hand moving forward or backward. Tide information for a given place and date is shown on the inset dial at 3 o’clock.

The current local time is displayed on the inset dial at 8 o’clock. It is simple to set tide points. Sapphire crystal with a scratch-resistant coating provides good visibility. To ensure readability in the dark, the watch face is illuminated with high-intensity light using the Super Illuminator function. Depending on the situation, either Bluetooth communications or standard-time radio waves (Multi Band 6) are used to correct the time. The most recent information on Daylight Saving Time and time zones is received, ensuring that the proper time is always displayed.