Lash cuteness overloaded – That’s what admirers of anime lash extensions will tell you! Over the past few years, voluminous and long eyelashes of different styles have been all the rage in beauty trends, and anime lash extensions are no exception!

Anime lash extensions are uniquely styled lash extensions that replicate the doll-eyed look seen in animated characters. These extensions are designed by professional lash artists to create a dramatic, eye-catching look that eliminates the need for mascara, eyelash curlers, or other makeup tools. With this thought in mind, anime lash extensions are becoming increasingly popular amongst beauty lovers worldwide, and they are tempted to give them a try!

Do you want to embrace the hottest anime lash extensions trend in 2023? If so, read this blog post to learn about what anime lashes really are, how to get them done, and why they’d be a great option for your beauty needs.

What Are Anime Lash Extensions?

Anime lash extensions have given the best way to mimic the unique look seen in anime and manga characters. It is characterized by individual lash strands that are spikier and longer than the traditional, short, and feathery lashes. Professional lash artists use an intricate technique to create this exaggerated doll-eye look, emphasizing the lower lash line.

The trend of anime lash extensions primarily originated on TikTok, encouraging many makeup lovers to try the DIY process of applying individual false lashes. But, after having a major impact on the world of permanent makeup, this trend has developed into its own style of exquisitely crafted lash extensions Knoxville, TN, preferred by beauty enthusiasts and provided exclusively in specialized lash salons.

How Do Professionals Create Anime Lash Extensions?

Anime lash extensions are the most loved eyelash trend that is here to stay. But how are these extensions actually made? Generally, anime lash extensions are applied to the top and bottom lash lines, but a few tweaks and adjustments can be made to suit a client’s eye shape best. Let’s have a look at the anime lash extensions procedure followed by lash technicians:

Upper Lash Line Mapping

The first part of the anime lash extension process involves mapping the upper lash line. The upper lash line mapping for the trendy anime lash extensions is divided into two layers: the top or spike layer and the bottom or base layer. These layers are styled differently to complement the eye shape and thickness of the eyelashes.

The topmost layer of your anime lashes is served with extensions ranging from 11 to 13 mm CC curls in the inner corner that goes up to the central part of the eye and 14-16 mm D lashes towards the outer edge.

The bottom or base layer is then applied to the upper lash line using CC base spikes ranging from 7 to 11mm, following the top layer. Lash technicians suggest that clients keep their fans closed and the whole base layer light to achieve a contrasting and captivating look.

Lower Lash Line Mapping

The next step of anime lash extension is the lower lash line mapping. Lower lash line extensions are generally optional, but they balance the overall look when applied. Professionals usually use 0.12 J extensions ranging from 6 to 9 mm, a hybrid style that gives the eyes a complete wide-eyed look. Remember, when you want to create an anime-inspired eye look, the importance of the lower lash line extensions is undeniable; it helps bring out the right contrast between the upper and lower lashes.

Who Can Benefit from Anime Lash Extensions?

Are you wondering if anime lash extensions are suitable for you? The fantastic thing about anime lash extensions is that they are suitable for almost everyone, no matter their eye shape, ethnicity, or lifestyle. Anime lash extensions suit those who enjoy a more dramatic everyday look, who like to keep up with the trend, or who love anime and manga culture and want to make their eyes look bigger and more appealing.

Moreover, the power of anime lash extensions to make narrow eyes appear rounder and bigger is undeniable. So, if you are looking for a dramatic yet natural-looking method of amplifying your eye look, then anime lash extensions are the answer!

How Long Can You Enjoy the Benefits of Anime Lash Extensions?

Just like different mesmerizing styles of eyelash extensions, anime lash extensions can typically last anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks for upper lash line extensions and about 14 days for lower lash extensions. The quality of application, aftercare routine, and natural lash growth cycle mainly determine the longevity of lash extensions.

Lashes don’t last forever because these extensions are attached to your natural lashes. As soon as the natural lash growth cycle ends, extensions fall out. The lower lashes might fall out quicker, especially when washing your face.

For maximum benefit, it is best to have regular infills with a certified lash technician every 2-3 weeks and always follow the aftercare routine that your experts recommend. With the right maintenance, you can enjoy the look of anime lash extensions for a long time and get the most out of your treatment.

What Aftercare Routine Should Be Followed for Anime Lash Extensions?

Aftercare and maintenance are essential for keeping your lashes looking fresh and beautiful. Anime lash extensions are a fairly simple and low-maintenance procedure, but following the correct advice for aftercare can protect your lashes from damage and irritation.

The most significant tip to remember is to not get your lashes wet during the first 24 hours of application or until the lash adhesive is completely dry. After that, you should use an oil-free lash cleanser, micellar water, or specialized lash shampoo to give your lashes a regular bath and keep them clean and healthy. This way, the oil build-up and bacteria growth that can cause infections and irritation will be minimized.

Also, brush through your extensions using a spoolie or a mascara wand to separate the individual strands and prevent clumping. And for preventing damage and premature falling off, it is recommended not to pick and pull on individual extensions or rub your eyes too often.

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Wrapping Up

Do you want to become the next trendsetter in your friend circle? Anime lash extensions allow you to stay on top of beauty trends like a pro anime character! The girly and sultry effect these extensions add to your eyes can take over the TikTok community like a storm.

If you desire to add drama to your everyday look and flaunt an anime celebrity-worthy eye look, then anime lash extensions are just right for you. Get in touch with an experienced and certified lash technician to try these long-lasting and glamorous lash extensions with proper aftercare advice. Try them out today! You will be showered with compliments in no time!