Antenna Experts, a world leader in customized antenna manufacturing is now available in Canada.

Canada, February 23, 2023; an antenna manufacturing company – Antenna Experts announced today their brand new launch of high gain dual stacked yagi antenna in Canada. Yagi antenna is a creative design high gain antenna that is used for medium-range communications within three to five miles from one point to another.

The yagi-uda antenna is a directional antenna that focuses its range in a particular designated direction. It consists of driven elements such as dipole and additional parasitic elements such as a reflector and one or more directors.

When it comes to design, the dual-stacked yagi antenna is rear mounting and is supplied with stacking pipes. They can be stacked either vertically or horizontally to control the beam width in a desired plane. Moreover, the radiating elements, supporting booms, and adjoining metal castings of stacked yagi antennas have been built in ultra corrosion-resistant architectural anodized aluminum alloys to prevent corrosion.

This specialized communication antenna has an average frequency range between 3MHz to 300GHz which makes it powerful, high gain, and high-performing. These frequency ranges are further categorized among VHF and UHF yagi antennas.

The list given below describes some distinctive characteristics of high gain dual stacked yagi antenna manufactured by Antenna Experts:

  • The directional quality of dual stacked yagi antenna allows it to propagate the signals excellently in a particular direction.
  • Its creative design and unique technology are up-to-date.
  • The frequency range and other features are customizable according to the needs and requirements of clients.
  • It is a long-lasting antenna and comes with a guarantee as well.
  • Use of high-quality aluminum makes it resistant to corrosion and other abnormalities due to harsh climatic conditions.

About Antenna Experts

Antenna Experts is the most trusted and reputed antenna manufacturing company in the world. They adopt a consumer-centric approach in the designing and development of the best antenna solutions. What makes them different from other antenna manufacturing agencies is that they also provide consultation and customization services according to the personal requirements of clients.

An agency that builds solutions for various kinds of day-to-day and business purposes such as home, marine, land and security, shipboard, aviation, and military. Their antennas have capabilities to send, receive, and transmit signals as well as act as a jammer.

Dual polarized log periodic antennas, horn antennas, RCIED jammers, HF broadband dipole antennas, FTS ground station antennas, tactical radio relay antennas, fiberglass collinear antennas, ILS base station antennas, and circular polarized helical antennas are just a few of the antennas manufactured by them.