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Why Are Antique or Vintage Engagement Rings Special?
1. It Has a Story to Tell: Purchasing antique or vintage jewelry is like owning a piece of someone’s past. Perhaps the piece is passed down from generation to generation carrying stories of each of its owners. Antiques are pieces of history that survived the test of time and maintained integrity while the world around them changed. The nostalgia evoked by possessing an antique piece of jewelry is an incomparable sentiment for many.
2. Great Quality, Design & Nostalgia: Wearing a ring hand-made by skilled artisans using traditional techniques rarely seen in modern jewelry is meaningful and special. Each antique piece reflects the attention to detail and subtle sparkle achieved only by artisans passionate about their chosen profession of creating distinct jewelry one piece at a time. Who wouldn’t like to adorn the special day with an engagement ring that is authentic and the only one of its kind?
How to Choose an Antique or Vintage Engagement Ring?
Investing in antique or vintage jewelry is a massive decision. Don’t shy away from asking questions to ensure what you are purchasing is an authentic heirloom piece well-preserved for decades or centuries and not a reproduced design.
1. Check for the background of the piece. Ask questions to know the era it belongs to. Knowing the history of the ring can be exciting and assuring.
2. Ensure that the supplier is a reliable source and not someone trying to pass you a slightly worn-out piece for antique or vintage. To determine the credibility of the antique jewelry store, you can check the entire collection the shop is offering. A proven way is to check the supplier’s reputation by going through customer reviews and testimonials – it speaks volumes about the service and quality of the products offered by the store. If the majority of the reviews are positive, then it is safe to say that the supplier is reliable.
3. One of the most important things to note while buying antique or vintage jewelry is to check its authenticity. You can closely inspect the jewelry’s condition to know if it has gone through any repair or alterations. If you plan to buy online, you can ask for high-resolution photos of the jewelry. Better still, you can call the supplier and ask for certifications or hallmarks to confirm the authenticity and quality of the piece.
4. A crucial factor to consider when buying an antique or vintage ring is its cost. Antique or vintage jewelry is generally slightly less expensive than its modern counterpart. If you come across a price too good to be true, you should probably check twice before committing. Some stores offer excellent layaway plans to make your purchase easy. You can check with the supplier for the terms and conditions related to such plans and also check for return policies so you can make the purchase while knowing all the ins and outs.

About Gesner Estate Jewelry
Gesner Estate Jewelry – Florida and Tampa Bay’s Largest collection of Antique/Vintage and Estate Platinum Engagement Rings, specializing in Late Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco engagement rings and Retro time periods.
We Offer:
One of the worlds largest inventory of vintage and antique jewelry
Appraisal services
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Extensive knowledge & expertise
If you are looking for the best online jewelry store, Gesner Estate Jewelry is the most trustworthy name you can find. Buying expensive jewelry online can be a little scary so if you are asking yourself why you should choose Gesner, there is only one answer – you will not get better customer service elsewhere! Gesner’s staff provides unparalleled service, from answering all your questions and sending pictures for inspection to shipping your items to your doorstep in a flash. Furthermore, every item is accompanied by a complete Gem Analysis and Appraisal prepared by a G.I.A. Graduate Gemologist.

Gesner is the name standing for TRUST and COMMITMENT. While the business has a beautiful brick-and-mortar store in Tampa, FL the entire inventory is made available on the official website of which enables you to make an informed choice and acquire the best and most beautiful Engagement Ring for your special day!

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