Delhi NCR and the surrounding region are great for freshers looking for a job. This area has many companies, start-ups, logistics companies, and other industries. All of such industries often look for freshers to fulfill their vacancies. So, if you are a fresher, and want to make sure you get selected for a job in the Delhi NCR area, then follow these tips.

  1. Register with a good job app

Job apps or boards are the best places to get information about fresher jobs. Go for an app that has a dedicated filter for freshers and you can narrow it down to search in specific locations. If you are looking for blue-collar jobs, then go for an app that has a huge database of such jobs.

  1. Build a great resume with some help

Your resume is the first thing prospective recruiters or employers will see about you. Many freshers often make the mistake of being casual with their resumes. To stand out, you need to put in effort when creating your resume. Don’t just use any random template; use a template that is meant specifically for freshers.

Another thing to note about a resume is that, if you are not decided on one particular industry and want to apply to different industries, you need to have a separate resume for each industry. For example, the skill set required for a software job is not the same as that of a sales job. If you use the same resume everywhere, you will end up with few job offers. Lastly, don’t lie in your resume. If you are not confident with a skill, don’t list it in the resume.

If you are not confident about doing all these by yourself, there are many resume builder services available which you can avail. Most job apps offer this for a fee, while some even offer it for free. So, look in the service section of the job app you are using and use them to create your resume.

  1. Upgrade your skills

It is true as a fresher, you will have limited skill sets and experience. However, you can always increase your skills while you are looking for fresher jobs in Delhi NCR areas. There are many training courses that are offered free or for charge online in different job apps. Take them as it will increase your visibility among recruiters. A reliable and reputed certified course will also increase the value of your resume making prospective employers choose you over others.

  1. Use your networking skills to the max

Today’s world is more connected than before. So, make sure you use your networking skills to the max when looking for a fresher job. A particular thing about freshers is that many times they are hired because they were recommended by someone important. This is especially true for smaller companies and start-ups. So join professional networking sites like LinkedIn to build a network of your own. Follow recruiters and industry experts to learn more about the current industry. If you are interacting with them regularly, when it comes to hiring or referring people, they will think of you. Join the group for employees of a company you are most interested in because many times, companies have referral programs. Hence an existing employee will be happy to refer you because they will also get benefits if you are hired.

  1. Know your employer

If you are interested in becoming a fresher in one particular company, it is best if you read thoroughly about that company. Every interviewer will ask you why you want to work with them, and your answer should not be generic. Your answer will be unique only when you know in-depth what the company does or what is its value and work culture. Then only can you tell what you admire about it and your reason for working for them. A fresher with such keen passion will be welcomed onboard by any company.

Getting a job as a fresher in the Delhi NCR area is not as hard as imagined. With little practice and help from a good app, you can not only find the best fresher jobs but also apply for them with confidence. So, follow these five tips on preparing for a job interview as a fresher, and ace your interview at the first chance.