Magnetic mobile signage is the quickest way to circulate corporate branding, promotional campaigns and is ideal for quick fleet rollout projects.

Material can be updated effortlessly and instantly, allowing content to be interchanged, repeated or reused on the fly. Purpose-designed, CarMag Magnetic is suiable for a variety of situations including vehicles, such as trucks, trailers and cars, mobile metallic surface signage and promotional material and safety signs and A-Boards.

Tech Tips for Applying Magnetic Signage to Vehicles

These tips for applying magnetic signage to vehicles are well worth observing to maximise results.

  1. When applying magnetic signage, both the vehicle surface and the grey magnetic side of the sign should be clean, dry and lightly waxed prior to application. Pay particular attention to the edges of the sign – even slight lumps will allow air and or moisture under the sign and may lead to separation of the vehicle and sign.
  2. Be careful where you lay the sign down as it will naturally attract dust particles which may cause lumps. Let one edge of the sign contact with the vehicle then slowly allow the magnet to make contact from the original edge across to the opposite side.
  3. Bear in mind the aerodynamics of the vehicle when positioning signs – avoid bonnets and areas which experience high air turbulence.
  4. Make sure the entire surface of the sign is smoothly against the vehicle with no air pockets, wrinkles or bumps which might catch the wind, especially under the forward facing edge.
  5. In winter the temperature of the sign should be about 10ºC during application; avoid application to frozen or frosted vehicles. Allow the sign to flatten in a warm atmosphere before use.
  6. Care should be taken with wood grain and metallic finishes, these surfaces should be checked often for the first 90 days of use and thereafter. A generous waxing of both surfaces, both on the back of the sign and where it will be placed will help prevent damage.
  7. Do not position the magnetic signage over engines and areas that give off heat as the heat may damage both the sign and the vehicle.
  8. The use of magnetic signage on re-painted vehicle surfaces and new cars should be avoided for a minimum of three months and must be hand wax polished to seal the surface before the sign is applied. Remove frequently to allow the natural ultra-violet light of the sun to evenly bleach the vehicle panels.
  9. Remove the sign at least once a week and wipe dry the magnetic side and the surface of the vehicle. This will keep the moisture from collecting, which can potentially damage the surface of the vehicle. Simply wash with warm water and mild detergent, avoid cleaning fluids, petrol acetone, benzene and chlorinated solvents.
  10. Remove dirt and road grime before applying or re-applying the sign to the vehicle. Make sure that the sign is removed after rain or snow and wiped dry as moisture collecting behind the sign may damage it and possibly the vehicle if left uncleaned.
  11. As the magnetic media is permanently magnetic, there is no need to protect it against magnetic destruction but be aware that it will naturally attract dust particles, so should be stored in a clean environment.
  12. To avoid wrinkling during storage, lay the sign flat or store over a 6” diameter roll with the printed side of the sign on the outside of the roll. Avoid putting heavy objects on it or leaning up against it while it is in storage.

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