While using QuickBooks Desktop to perform a backup, QuickBooks Error 111 may hinder the backup process. Soon after, the rebuild tool starts up and an error notice reads, “Error: Verify TARGET: Variables in minor do not match with major. Rcrd = 45027.’’ The rebuilt report can also show that the information relating to pay period 12904 is corrupt. Users may find Error 111 exasperating especially when trying to backup personal files. Read this blog till the very end to fix QuickBooks error skipped 111.


Major causes of Error 111 in QuickBooks

  • This QuickBooks issue might be caused by incorrect paycheck information.
  • One or more payroll records in QuickBooks may be damaged.
  • Inconsistencies within the company files may also be a contributing factor.
  • Error 111 can be caused by auxiliary network problems.


Methods to Fix QuickBooks Error Skipped 111

Method 1: Employ Rebuild Data utility

  • Start up QuickBooks.
  • Choose the File tab.
  • Choose the Utilities menu item.
  • Here, choose the Rebuild Data option.

  • Click on Yes when the program asks you to create a backup of your company’s files.
  • Store the backup at a convenient place.
  • After then, the rebuilding process will begin, and depending on how big the corporate file is, it might take some time.
  • After finished, the message “Rebuild has finished” will show up on the screen.
  • Choose OK.


Method 2: Using File Doctor Tool

  • First, download QuickBooks Tool Hub from the Intuit website.
  • Install the utility after obtaining the corresponding.exe file.
  • Following that, launch Tool Hub and go to company File Problems to open QuickBooks File Doctor Tool.

  • Users should carry out the next troubleshooting step if the tool is unable to identify and resolve Error 111.


Method 3: Configure Paycheck information

  • Open QuickBooks.
  • Choose the Paycheck option.
  • Modify the Paycheck’s specific information, such as the date or amount.
  • To change just one Payroll Item, choose Paycheck Detail.
  • After finishing, press OK.
  • Choose the “Save and Close”
  • The screen will provide a list of transactions that have been updated.
  • After that, click the Save button.
  • After completing the aforementioned procedures, create a backup of the company file.
  • Now close all windows and launch QuickBooks again.
  • Here, select the Verify and rebuild tool from the File menu.
  • To see whether there are any problems, select the verify option. Hopefully, the Skipped 111 error in QuickBooks has been resolved at this point.



If users are aware about the proper set of procedures to be followed while troubleshooting QuickBooks Error Skipped 111, fixing the error isn’t a complicated process. This post shed some light on some probable solutions to fix QuickBooks Error 111. Users can contact our team of QuickBooks experts 1 800 761 1787 if the troubleshooting steps described here don’t resolve the issue.