DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) is an organic molecule that contains the hereditary information of an individual. DNA testing is known as genetic testing. It’s a kind of test that can identify changes in the body’s genes, proteins, or chromosomes. For DNA testing, human biological samples like tissue, hair, skin, blood, or saliva are collected. It helps to determine relationships between two or more individuals. The test can verify or rule out if you have a genetic disease. It also helps to determine your chances of developing or passing on a genetic disorder.

Types of DNA Testing in India

Maternity DNA Test: Today, you can get maternity DNA tests in India to establish the biological relationship between a baby & the alleged mother or vice versa.

Paternity DNA Test: This test establishes the biological relationship between the alleged father & the child.

Paternity Trio DNA Test: A paternity trio DNA test is done for added accuracy of a Paternity test report. In this DNA test, the alleged father, the alleged mother, and the baby have to submit their DNA samples.

Grandparentage DNA Test: Grandparentage DNA test is usually done as an alternative to paternity or maternity testing. It is ideal in the case when the immediate biological parents are unavailable or deceased.

Siblingship DNA Test: Sibling DNA testing determines the genetic relationship between two alleged siblings (brothers/sisters). We offer siblingship DNA tests in India in two different configurations- Full Siblingship & Half Siblingship.

Prenatal Paternity DNA Test (No Sex Determination): Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity DNA test in India can confirm the paternity of an unborn child.

Immigration DNA Test: In an Immigration DNA test, two parties are required, i.e., the Petitioner and the Beneficiary. The beneficiary is the person who applies for the visa. The petitioner is an individual who is sponsoring the visa.

Ancestry DNA Test in India: Ancestry DNA test in India is the best way to know about your forefathers. This test is possible since every person inherits their DNA from their biological parents. In addition, it traces your ancestors’ geographical region and the last three migrational routes. The following are some ancestry DNA testing in India that you can opt for:

  • Maternal Lineage Ancestry Test
  • Paternal Lineage Ancestry Test
  • GPS Origins Ancestry Test

How Can You Get a DNA Test Kit Online?

You can reach the company to book the DNA online and fix an appointment. You can also buy a DNA test kit online to take the DNA samples yourself. The steps required for the sample collection are mentioned in the DNA testing kit. After sample collection, it has to be sent to the testing lab. If working people have limited time or can’t go to the centre, buying a DNA test kit online or choosing a home collection facility is best.

Why Choose Us for the Accurate DNA Tests in India?

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