The presence of neurodegenerative disorders in human beings is caused by genetic disorders, illnesses, and injuries. It is a form of brain disorder that affects its development and functioning.

There are no definite treatments available for many of these diseases. However, in recent years Allosteric Drug discovery USA has made significant progress with its research on structurally targeted allosteric regulators.

Gaucher Disease

Gaucher Disease is a form of genetic disorder that affects the functions of organs like the Liver and the Spleen. The disorder starts with fat deposits that accumulate in the organ cells of the body. It may also affect bone tissues in the same way.


Gaucher Disease Stages

There are mainly three stages of Gaucher disease – Stage I, Stage II, and Stage III. Stage I or GBA1 is often diagnosed among patients, especially children.

In this stage, some patients show mild to no symptoms.

Here are some of the frequent symptoms and complications that may arise.

  • GBA1-associated diseases indicate a mutation of the Lysosomal enzyme that can cause diseases like Parkinson’s disease, Cancer like Leukemia, Lymphoma, and Myeloma.
  • Poor physical growth.
  • Complications in abdominal development. Excessive swelling and discomfort will be common.
  • Obstetric complications will be seen among patients.
  • Bruises and nosebleeds are indicative of weakened red blood cell development in the bloodstream.

Gaucher disease can affect brain functions and the movement of the eyes along with a significant weakening of the bones in some cases. Frequent seizures and irregular muscle development are also indicative of the condition.

Prion Diseases

Prion diseases are a group of brain disorders caused by misfolding of prion proteins in the brain. It is a rare form of neurodegenerative disorder found in humans and animals.

As a result of the misfolding of Prion proteins in the brain, there is a steady degeneration of brain functions. This can lead to the malfunction of faculties like memory, physical movements, and cognitive behavior.


The main reason or cause behind the Prion disease is heredity or genetics. However, there are other ways too this disease can develop within an individual.

  • The use of contaminated food or medical equipment can cause Prion disease.
  • Unknown and undetected causes are also known to have caused the diseases among patients.

Treatments And Assisted Living

Scientists and medical researchers are making constant strenuous efforts to come up with a proven treatment for Prion disease. However, to date, there is no permanent cure for this disease.

  • There are medications available to provide relief to patients.
  • Anti-depressants and sedatives provide psychological relief, while muscle spasms are relieved with pain medications.
  • At some point, a patient may need to be administered fluids through IV tubes.
  • Assisted living through daily activities is often needed for patients.

Breakthrough Treatments

Extensive studies and experimental research have been conducted through the decades to deliver an appropriate treatment for neurodegenerative disorders.

  • It has been observed by many research companies that the misfolded protein cells can be guided back to a proper shape that will enable their proper functioning with the help of allosteric drugs.
  • There is breakthrough computational technology developed that aims to provide a therapeutically corrective procedure to cure misfolded enzymes.
  •  If successful, the medicines will be simplistic, affordable, and cost-effective.

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