“With AV Access’s brand-new all-in-one presentation kits, users can share contents easily from their PC to a large screen via USB-C/HDMI port or wireless casting. The included 4K webcam and full-duplex speakerphone can capture sharp image and crystal clear audio simultaneously.”

AV Access, a leading brand in the online market of the Pro AV industry, recently announced the addition of three meeting presentation kits to the company’s hybrid conference portfolio. The component products include the eShare W50/C30 presentation systemthe eShare D10 USB-C donglethe BizEye80 4K webcam, and AnyCo A5 full-duplex Bluetooth speakerphone. As all-in-one solutions for hybrid meetings in a small/medium meeting room, they can serve as complete ClickShare alternatives.

In-Person Meeting Kit

This kit includes an eShare W50 wireless presentation system and an eShare D10 USB-C dongle. The system is plug-n-play and easy-to-use, ideal for video presentation and collaboration in huddle rooms as well as small/medium meeting rooms.

“In addition to AirPlay and Miracast, you can share your screen wirelessly with our dongle. It is better than ClickShare Button as there is no need to install any software or driver,” explained Bill Liao, CTO of AV Access.

Hybrid Meeting Kit with Wireless BYOD

As a complete ClickShare alternative, this kit includes an eShare W50 wireless presentation system, an eShare D10 USB-C dongle, a BizEye80 4K webcam and an AnyCo A5 speakerphone. While delivering a presentation in 4K ultra HD image, users can capture sharp image and crystal clear audio at the same time. Whether in a small/medium meeting room or huddle room, both local and remote attendees can communicate effortlessly with each other.

Hybrid Meeting Kit with Wired Input

This kit includes an eShare C30 wired presentation system, a BizEye80 4K webcam and an AnyCo A5 speakerphone. “If you just need wired input, this kit is a more cost-effective option for you,” added Bill.

“Now the three presentation kits are available now on our official site, respectively priced at $493.98/$713.43/$375.04. They are plug-n-play, complete, and cost-effective ClickShare alternatives for hybrid meetings,” concluded Bill.

About AV Access

AV Access is an experienced manufacturer that produces quality HDMI extenders, KVM extenders, wireless presentation systems, etc. and we also offer AV over IP solutions for scalable uses. These products — HDBaseT extender, and 4K HDMI extender — are among our best-sellers.

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