For centuries, Ayurveda has been the answer to many health problems. Even today, when people are tired of allopathic medicine’s side effects and other symptoms, they still believe that ayurveda will not let them down.

People who understand the importance of ayurveda continue to prefer it, regardless of the variety of options available to them. In this section, we will look at ayurvedic medicine for irregular periods. If your period lasts more than 38 days or varies in length, it is considered irregular. First, let’s look at the underlying causes of irregular periods.

What Are The Main Ayurvedic Medicines for Irregular Periods Or Delays In Periods?

  • PCOD and Aloe Vera pulp:

In Ayurveda, aloe vera gel with manjistha (Rubia cordifolia) capsule is recommended for treating PCOD symptoms and restoring uterine health, resulting in regular, healthy periods. (Also Read: Natural Foods for Better Uterine Health)

  • Niranjan phal (China fruit) is used to treat excessive bleeding:

A regular menstrual cycle with an abnormally high flow and duration is a serious and common problem in the majority of women. It can cause extreme weakness and anemia, which can lead to a variety of health problems. According to ayurvedic medicine for irregular periods, soaking Niranjan phal pulp in water overnight effectively controls the menstrual heavy flow.

  • Manjistha for foul odor: 

Many women experience foul odor around the vagina during and after periods, which is frequently accompanied by smelly discharge. According to Ayurveda, this condition can be managed by taking manjistha capsules. Manjistha aids in the purification of the blood.

  • Phala Ghrita for irregular periods: 

Phala Ghrita is made from cow milk and is extremely beneficial for a variety of gynecological issues ranging from pregnancy to menstrual cycle irregularities.

  • Cumin: 

Cumin seeds have numerous health benefits, according to Ayurveda. Soak two tablespoons of cumin seeds in water overnight and drink the water first thing in the morning. Also, chew on the cumin seeds. Drink this every day until your period cycle returns to normal.

  • Papaya that has not yet ripened:

Unripe papaya can help regulate menstrual flow by contracting the muscle fibers in the uterus. Ayurveda recommends drinking unripe papaya juice regularly, but not during your period.

  • Cinnamon: 

A teaspoon of cinnamon powder in milk can help you get rid of period cramps and irregularities. Ayurvedic medicine for irregular periods has a warming effect on your body.

  • Turmeric: 

Turmeric has a plethora of health benefits. It warms your body and has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, providing relief from menstrual cramps. For several weeks, consume turmeric with warm milk daily to help regulate periods and balance hormones.

Ayurvedic Medicine For Irregular Periods Includes:

  • no side effects
  • Aids in the treatment of vaginal and urinary tract infections and problems
  • Natural medicines are used to balance hormonal levels
  • Naturally relieves the pain of menstrual cramps

Advantages Of Ayurvedic Medicine for Irregular Periods

The main goal of Ayurveda is to keep a person healthy, so most people find Ayurvedic medicines to be quite effective. It will heal itself and keep diseases at bay. Instead of curing the disease, it provides good immune defense. As a result, this aids in the elimination of the underlying cause of the ailment, promoting a healthy body and a positive mind.


Above all, irregularities in periods can be caused by a variety of factors. The most common type of problem is a hormonal imbalance. You can try these Ayurvedic medicines and methods to get your periods back on track because they have no side effects or other health complications.

Furthermore, a lifestyle change is extremely beneficial. However, before attempting anything with your body, you should always seek the advice of a medical professional. As a result, there is no need to be concerned. Solve this irregularity issue with the help of your gynecologist. Eat a well-balanced and nutritious diet, avoid stress, and exercise regularly.