Today, hiring processes are very important to every company looking to attract top talents into their organization. One of the many aspects of every organization’s hiring stage that shouldn’t be joked with is background screening. To get the most out of this process, industry experts often advise companies to hire the best background screening services providers, such as Social Profiler.

With the right services provider, employers can always get relevant information regarding their potential employees, such as their employment history, social media activities, criminal history, credit reports, driving records, and education history.

Below are a few things you’ll learn in the rest of this background screening-related post:

  • What exactly does background screening service mean and why is it important to your hiring process?
  • What should you factor in when conducting background screening today?

What exactly is background screening service?

Background screening services are often carried out by third-party services providers. This service requires the help of professional background screening providers to use various tools and resources to vet candidates looking for new jobs. Primarily, the objective of background screening is to check and be sure a candidate is who they claim to be.

Most companies now take background screening services seriously today because it’s one of the most effective ways to hire qualified and reliable employees. Furthermore, this screening service also helps organizations to avoid theft and other related cases in their workplace. Overall, background screening services are very important to preserve a company’s reputation.

Today, this screening service involves checking a lot of information regarding your potential employees.

  • First, background screening services are important to check a candidate’s criminal record. 
  • These screening services are also effective to know the candidate’s education history, credit reports, driving records, and employment history.
  • In some cases, this screening also extends to social media background checks.

Key factors to consider before running background screening

1.When exactly should you carry out the screening exercise?

According to industry experts, the best time to go for the best background screening services is after you’ve offered employment based on the candidate’s skills and certifications. Since you haven’t confirmed the candidate’s background history, it’s best to start the offer with a conditional employment. That said, the safest time to go for this screening service is after you’ve already given the candidate(s) conditional employment.

2.Do you need to get the candidate’s consent?  

Since you’re using a third-party background screening services provider, such as Social Profiler, the state’s law makes it compulsory for you to provide the candidate with a written notification before checking their background. Besides, you also need to seek the candidate’s consent to ensure you remain compliant with the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) rules and regulations.

When notifying the employee or candidate, ensure to give a detailed and concise explanation why the need for screening service is important. Furthermore, these screening policies must be done equitably, regardless of the employees involved.

3.What happens after the completion of the screening exercise? 

Upon the completion of the background screening service, you should expect Social Profiler to provide you with detailed information regarding the candidate’s criminal record, social media behavior, education history, credit reports, driving records, and employment history.

Two things are most likely to happen after the entire vetting process:

  • First, the employee has clean records. In this case, you can proceed and make your employment offer permanent.
  • Second, you found one or more reasons to take adverse actions. In this case, you need to follow the FCRA guidelines, which a legal counsel can guide you on.