What Are Beautiful Walkway Interlocking Design Pavers? “The definition of ‘interlock’ is: to connect so that motion of any part is constrained by another”. Interlocking pavers are most commonly made from cement or concrete, and tend to simulate the effects of cobblestone pathways. The Takeaway. Although stamped concrete is not as expensive, if you’re looking for something high-quality, interlocking stone is the best option. Interlock pavers, while typically more expensive, yield longer-lasting, higher-quality results. Although interlocking stone costs more than basic poured concrete, it’s popular for a reason. Nothing will add curb appeal to your home or commercial property faster than a beautiful interlocking brick driveway. When you’re thinking about landscaping to build your property value, interlocking stone is a great choice. Interlocked bricks are a type of brick that is commonly used in construction. They are made by interlocking two or more bricks together, which gives them added strength and stability. Interlocked bricks are also easy to work with, making them a popular choice for both professional and amateur builders alike. Electronic Interlocking System Electronic Door Interlocking System for Pharmaceutical Air Locks. … Pass Box Interlocking System Dynamic Timer. … Pass Box Interlocking system. … DEEP TECHNOLOGIES Aluminum alloy Electronic Door Lock System ., Push Button. … 2,3 Door Interlock System, For Clean room. The size of interlocking brick is 125 mm x 250 mm x 100 mm and the diameter of reinforcement bar (rebar) used is 12 mm. The dimension of the interlocking bricks beam is 2130 mm length, 125 mm width, and 300 mm height. The Beautiful Walkway Interlocking Design joints between your pavers allow for your driveway or sidewalk to slightly move without cracking. This movement typically happens during the freeze and thaw of the seasons. Pavers can also be easily removed for repairs or to access the ground underneath.