You will need to consider remodelling, changing some of your ultra-modern furnishings, and buying some new products which are in keeping with the French design if you want to establish a traditional French style home. In order to give their homes a classic French flavour, modern homemakers are increasingly turning to whitewashed maison chicfurniture, which can be found for a reasonable price. As an alternative, you could buy some antique colonial furniture that you can repair yourself. For example, there are some excellent old kitchen tables made of oak and pine that would look fantastic after being restored. Your kitchen is well on its way to gaining a traditional French character with an authentic Provencal tablecloth.

A few rustic accents are needed in your home to balance out all the contemporary electrical appliances you presumably have in it in order to give it a Provence-style charm. Purchase vintage-style glassware, pan ware for the kitchen, linens for your tables, and vintage enamelware or contemporary replicas for use as a washbasin, a fruit bowl, or a vase for flowers. Enamelware creates the rustic French atmosphere of Provence when placed on top of certain rustic wooden dining tables.

A traditional wooden or corrugated iron bed looks excellent with some of the lovely French bedspreads that are available, and they can even turn an arrangement into a traditional-looking feature. Bedside tables and cabinets made of raw wood will give the space a rustic, vintage feel. Another excellent feature for a bedroom is an old enamelware washbasin on an antique washstand.

Country landscape framed watercolour prints are also in line with that rustic French style; you may buy them as standalone prints and frame them with shabby wooden frames that you can get at a second-hand store and redecorate. If you would rather purchase them already prepared, ready-framed prints are also offered by manufacturers of French traditional home décor accessories. If you’re considering remodelling, paint the walls a pale pastel colour that almost looks like white. As is typical of country houses in Provence, any wood in the house that surrounds doorways, skirting boards, as well as beams should be left in its original state and sanded back if it has been painted. Your antique French Bedroom Furniture can be simply refurbished and will work better for evoking a traditional rural atmosphere than contemporary pieces.

If you’re redecorating or rebuilding, you can also make the flooring look like it belongs in a Rustic French home. Vibrant reds, oranges, & browns are used in the mosaic tiles that make up traditional Provencal floors. Particular patterns have been utilised for hundreds of years, and the detailed patterns are highly recognisable. They are created by joining hexagonal tomettes of various colours to create elaborate designs. Provence has a long history of using cement tiles, which are very widely used there. Both are incredibly durable & long-lasting, easy to clean, & stain-resistant. Your home will instantly feel Provencal if you instal cement or terracotta mosaic tiles, and appropriate tiles are readily available from tile providers.