For food to be your best friend. It needs to meet some expectations or set standards. Like, it should be amazing in taste, healthy for the body and should improve your overall well-being. And dates without any shadow of a doubt fulfil these expectations perfectly. Therefore we may not be wrong if we consider dates your best buddies. The high popularity of this superfood has a lot to do with its taste and shelf life. The dates taste amazing. They are sugary caramel-like fruits and literally melt in the mouth. And their shelf life is long which makes them ideal for storage and consumption. But if you think that this tiny fruit is just a sugar substitute and can be used merely as a snack you may be wrong because dates have numerous health benefits for us that go beyond one’s imagination. Like having them regularly can help against cancers, can relieve us from constipation, can help skin glow and nourish and there is much more in store.

However, dates are of various types and not all dates are the best in quality as some dates might be inferior to others. Hence, it is always recommended to have the best quality dates that taste good and give better results. There are different ways to eat dates as well, like you can eat them dried or soaked in water. And today we shall explore the benefits that our body attains when we have the best quality dates soaked in water.

The Shelf Life Of Dried Dates Is More, And Soaking can Enhance the flavour.


In India, Dates are gaining popularity with each passing day. There are various varieties of best-quality dates available in the market. They are full of moisture and are as good as fresh dates. There are premium dates online like Omara Dates, that offer the best quality dates. However, in India, most people prefer dried dates over moisture-filled ones. The reason is that dried dates have a more shelf life than the fresh ones that need to be consumed within 15 days. However, the dried version can be stored for up to 5 years.

Additionally, it is believed that dried dates are more nutritious than the moist ones as they have been dried naturally over the course of time. While the moisturised ones are being processed chemically to help them stay fresh. But the problem is that dried dates might not seem as delicious as the moist ones and might not melt in your mouth even if you buy the most premium dates online. For this, the Dried dates need to be first soaked in water for a minimum time of three hours, for them to retain their moisture levels and taste as good as fresh dates. However, soaking dates in water for too long can make them soggy and bad to taste, So soaking time should not go more than three hours.

The water that is left after you are the dates. You can drink this water to ease gastrointestinal discomfort and lessen constipation, and the best part about this water is that it tastes yummy and can make you full for some time.

Dried Dates Soaked in Water Have High Antioxidant Concentrations.

Dried dates or moist dates have antioxidants however dates that are dried might need some refurbishment to moisten and for the antioxidants more prominent. The dried dates when soaked have a higher concentration of antioxidants like flavonoids, phenolic acid, and carotenoids when compared with their counterparts i.e., dry fruits of the same category. Antioxidants are crucial substances that prevent our cells from free radicals, these free radicals may lead us to heart disease, cancer etc. Thus integrating dates into our lifestyle may play an important role in protecting us from heart-related issues and cancer-promoting free radicals. These antioxidants in dates flush out toxins from our body that leads to better digestion and ultimately lead to weight loss. However one needs to understand that only when you buy the best quality dates that are abundant in nutrients and vitamins then and only you can avail the best benefits of dates.


Soaking Dried Dates Are Extremely Good for Your Gut.

A sound gut means a sound life, sedentary lifestyle has taken a heavy toll on our gut health which has resulted in gut-related issues, constipation being the most prominent among them. This leads to a lot of uneasiness and lowered self-esteem. But luckily dates are here for your rescue too. Dates have an abundance of fibre that can help you against constipation. For this, you need to soak dates in water and consume them before going to bed. Once you incorporate this routine in your life for a few days you will see a visible reduction in constipation which will ultimately mean a healthier and happier you. The soaking of dates helps in making them soft and thus they become easy to digest which relieves you of any constipation or gut-related issues.


Soaked Dried Dates Are Good For Children

Children are fussy eaters. Hence they are selective in everything they do. Also, their teeth are not fully developed so eating dried dates might seem difficult for them. However, if you want that your child should not miss out on the benefits of dates. Soaking them in water is a perfect idea. This way they can enjoy dates without being fussy.


Benefits For Skin

Once you consume the dates that you have soaked in water. The leftover water can be of great help to your skin. You can use this water as a hydrating serum and apply it directly on your skin or you can just drink the water and watch your skin glow from within.



Dates, whether dried or soaked, are full of benefits and all ways of eating dates are beneficial. However, it is not always possible for people to incorporate fresh dates although premium dates online have made a huge difference but we still can’t always have access to fresh ones due to numerous reasons. But this in no way should deter us from consuming the best quality dates. Which we can do by soaking dried dates in water.This way we can enjoy the date and enjoy the authentic taste of dates.