Let’s say you want to start a new firm in the UAE’s Dubai region. In that case, it must be your trusted business service in Dubai, which is why we are a reputable name here and have adjusted to the modern business climate in Dubai. The company’s setup in Dubai is difficult, but not for us because a business consultant can provide a solution for every scenario.

In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, mainland corporations are regarded as the most advanced commercial enterprises. Your business must comply with the legal framework and requirements of the government in order to start Dubai mainland business. The constraints placed on them by the Emirati Government’s Jurisdiction’s commercialized geographic zone must be met.

The Department of Economic Development (DED) or a comparable municipality in another emirate issues licenses necessary for the incorporation of a mainland enterprise onshore.

A physical workspace with a minimum area of 200 square feet must be acquired by mainland businesses. This must be rented on an annual basis with a lease evidence or Ejari certificate as a requirement for licensing.

In order for firms on the mainland to conduct business, additional government approvals are required. Depending on the nature of your firm, you could need permission from the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of the Interior, and industry-specific groups like the Health Authority.

You are free to conduct direct business with the local market in Dubai when running a mainland business. You can establish a business anywhere on the UAE’s continental territory and frequently win big government contracts.

In the past, it was not usual for non-GCC investors to own 100% of mainland enterprises. A foreign investor was only permitted to own 49% of the company; an Emirati sponsor retained the other 51%.

Recent legal revisions, however, permit 100% ownership of mainland companies in sectors other than the oil and gas, telecommunications, and transportation sectors.

Unlimited staff visa requests are accepted from mainland corporations. Nonetheless, the size of your business location is typically a factor in visa eligibility.

It has hopefully become evident from this tutorial that starting a business in Dubai doesn’t have to be extremely difficult if you have the appropriate information.

Having said that, it does necessitate some prior process understanding. It’s also crucial to remember that the application procedure can only be made simple if your license application is finished and error-free when it’s submitted.

It’s a good idea to consult with a UAE company formation in Dubai Mainland specialist, like Business Incorporation Zone (BIZ), when starting a new company in the UAE to help you make sure that this is the case.

Our team of experts in company registration is dedicated to realizing the aspirations of prospective business owners and SMEs. BIZ can help you open corporate bank accounts and provide advice on the best financial institution to meet your unique needs in addition to managing your license application.

We also provide visa and immigration services and can manage all government paperwork, approvals, work permits, and visa applications needed to conduct business in the United Arab Emirates.

To put it briefly, our professionals can form your company on your behalf, apply for licenses and visas, and handle all the necessary paperwork, freeing you up to focus on running your business.