VoIP session border controllerIt is frustrating when you are in the middle of a phone contact or video call with a customer or an internal meeting and are disconnected. This can be annoying while speaking with a team member from within the company, but when speaking with a potential customer, it can completely sabotage your chances of making the sale. You might have just lost a prospective client. Additionally, your business may incur significant time and financial costs to rebuild your network due to DDOS, cyberattacks, and toll fraud. SBC solution development services help your business if you search for a more dependable calling and a safer network.

Overview Of SBC

On a voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP) network, a Session Border Controller (SBC) is a dedicated piece of software or hardware that manages how phone calls are placed, answered, and ended. SBCs serve as a router between a network and a carrier service, guaranteeing the security and best service quality for every call. In addition to acting as a firewall, an SBC can detect incoming threats.

They frequently provide access control and data conversion for calls. As SBCs provide both voice and video calling, this applies to both. Session Border Controller solution development providers install SBC solutions near the network’s edge, where users and other service providers converge.

Benefits of an SBC for Communication Service Providers

An enterprise that requires security and dependable call connectivity may benefit from SBCs. Here are a few advantages an SBC can provide for your company:


The necessity for security and additional hazards are always present when connecting to other networks. When discussing network security, cyber-attacks are a nuisance to watch out for. A portion of the revenue is subsequently given to the cybercriminal once these calls are made on purpose to high-cost numbers.

The ability of an SBC to act as an additional firewall and defend your network against cyberattacks is one of the main advantages of having one. Additionally, SBCs may safeguard your calling channels, defending you against voice-specific threats, including toll fraud, compliance violations, and corporate or governmental espionage.

Pattern recognition is another tool that SBCs might employ to detect any strange activity. Pattern recognition is the process used to identify patterns and regularities in data. SBC solution development services can assist in identifying any potential data inconsistencies. Finding these abnormalities can reveal network problems or any undetected attacks.


It might be challenging to manage when various phones, printers, and communications from multiple service providers are connected to your network. An SBC that serves as a boundary between your network and your service network can normalize all these. All of these connections can be made and managed by the SBC without difficulty on your part or your team’s.

SBC allows various protocols to communicate with one another, improving connectivity. Businesses may route phone traffic through internal IP networks, making calls route much quicker and saving money.

Quality of Service

Running a profitable business can be challenging if your phone calls are frequently dropped or your call quality, whether it be voice or video, could be better. Your service level can be raised by integrating an SBC developed by reliable SBC solution development service providers can raise your service level.

SBCs improve the quality of your calls by monitoring and testing voice lines to guarantee a consistently high level of call quality. They also ensure that VoIP and video devices can communicate with one another and offer important routing features.

SBC Is Crucial For Your Business

SIP initiates maintain, and terminates the functionality of VoIP, which is a telephone service (and more) via the internet your company already uses. SBC is a network component that collaborates with SIP and VoIP to enhance connection and address security issues. Despite the SBCs’ obvious advantages for enterprise network service, several businesses still need to use them. A managed voice system supervision that excludes VoIP session border controller solutions can expose your system to security concerns and cost your company time and money.

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