Registration in meetings can be explained as a process by which an event planner organizes attendance to an experience for one or more attendees. The event managers need to choose an event registration process that fits the needs of each event and can help them achieve their goals. Every event should have a registration management system so that the event runs smoothly.

IA-Meetings have been following a registration management system that has been helping them for more than two decades in executing successful meetings.

Let us understand the registration management system followed by IA-Meetings :


Gone are the days when registrations used to happen offline. With the advancement of technology and the latest software, it has become easier to manage registrations online. Offline registration was a long and tedious process. Innovation and inclusion of new technologies coupled with the experience that IA-Meetings have, help them deliver simplified as well as optimum registration solutions at all times. IA-Meetings uses EVENTSAIR to manage the registrations of large-scale meetings. EVENTSAIR is used in client registration updation as the client can enter their details, change them, and edit them. Online registration is a time-saving, quick, and error-proof way of managing registrations in meetings.

Having a registration management system makes overall meeting management smooth as many benefits come with it. Let us look at them one by one:

  •  Customer Registration Choice

The clients can make their own ticket choice which gives the meeting managers an option to supply a range of tickets, from beginner to medium to different packages. It gives the clients an option to make the choice that fits their needs.

  •  E-Ticket

In an online registration format, it is easier, quicker, more accurate, and cost-effective to send out tickets to attendees as meeting managers send out e-tickets after registration. In an offline format, meeting organizers would have to get names and addresses and send tickets through the post which would be time taking, slow, inaccurate if the data is incorrect, and would add to the administration costs. 

  •  Secured Payments

Taking the payment at the time of registration and through online mode gives a better understanding of the cost of the meeting before it takes place. Also, the security of the payment increases when the transaction happens online at the time of registration.

  • Client Data Management

It provides a centralized data management system where meeting managers can store participants’ personal information, their mode of payment, the number of people who registered, and other customized data.

  •  Improve meeting efficiency

A proper professional conference organizer helps in saving time and money which is then utilized to plan meetings in a better way, contact more sponsors and vendors, prepare more activities, etc. It also decreases the chance of human error caused by manually entering information from one system to another. It makes the meeting managers like seasoned meeting planners.

  •  Create online surveys

Meeting registration software allows meeting managers to create surveys that help them get to know their registrants better. Building pre-meeting or post-meeting surveys help create better meetings as it helps to know what the participants would like to hear and what was their favorite section of the meeting. Doing live polling helps to sense the mood of the audience.

  •  Saves Time

An online registration application saves a lot of time for the participants since they can sign up whenever it is the most convenient for them. It saves them time spent on filling out paper forms and then sending them back via mail. Onsite meeting registration software helps participants register on the day of the meeting. An on-site registration app helps save time by checking the participants quickly into the meeting and also decreases their waiting time in long queues at the registration desk.

A proper registration system is necessary to run a meeting smoothly. The steps followed by IA-Meetings and the benefits mentioned above can be considered a guideline for anyone interested in understanding the registration management system.