To some extent, all children’s toys are educational. Whether it through pretends play, encouraging turn-taking and sharing, or developing empathy, children are always learning through play, even when they’re not working on academic subjects like math or reading. But we all feel better about allowing a slew of toys into the house if they have an obvious educational purpose. However, there is no value in a toy that children will not play with, thus toys must also be enjoyable.

The Good Housekeeping Institute Little Lab analyses toys all year to find those that strike the ideal balance. Parents consider the quality of construction, convenience of use, and amount of frustration. For children, they ensure that the toys are enjoyable (the most crucial factor) and that children return to and engage with them for extended periods of time. They’re largely for small children, although there are a few options for older children to consider for the future (or for older siblings). If these aren’t enough, the Good Housekeeping Institute has an age-by-age guide to toys and presents that include STEM toys, sensory toys, family board games, and gifts for 1-year-olds and 2-year-olds (including gifts for boys).

These are the best kids educational toys 2023:

Best Educational Toys For Kids In 2023

1: Magna-Tiles

There are numerous building toys available, ranging from LEGO to Tegu to the classic wooden block. Magna-Tiles, on the other hand, are one of mine (and my children’s) favourites. These huge, colourful building toys come in a variety of sizes and shapes and use powerful magnets to snap together or to other surfaces. They can be connected to form simple shapes such as cubes and pyramids, or they can be placed to create magnetic art on a garage door. There are also themed kits that can be used to add windows, staircases, and even functional cranes to the playsets.

These are open-ended building toys with no explicit instructions for creating a specific scene or item. They’re safe for a three-year-old and entertaining for much older children as well. Even as a nearly 40-year-old dad, I like discovering new and exciting ways to build increasingly more complicated constructions with my son. We’ve constructed castles, spaceships, race vehicles, and even a ferry station with a movable boarding ramp.

Magna-Tiles aren’t inexpensive at $120 for a 100-piece set, but they’re the kind of toy that will keep your youngster occupied for years while simultaneously teaching them crucial problem-solving abilities. — Terrence O’Brien, Executive Editor. Read more Winfun Toys.

Kindle Kids Edition

I can tell you firsthand that Amazon’s Fire tablets for youngsters are fantastic. They can resist a young child’s negligence while providing access to a wealth of content with parental restrictions. When your child is a little older, though, a specialised gadget for books with fewer interruptions is a great option. Amazon provides a kid-friendly version of its Kindle e-reader for this very reason.

The tablet includes a protective case as well as one year of the company’s Kids+ programme, which provides unlimited access to books ($4.99 per month after that). The Kindle Kids does not include any videos or games, but it does provide access to Audible. It can store books for offline reading and has a battery life that can last for weeks. Most significantly, parental controls enable you to monitor content, while a dedicated dashboard tracks their reading habits over time. Senior News Editor Billy Steele