While there is a lot of excitement and anticipation that comes with becoming a mother, the fear of going into labour is very much present. From hearing the experiences of women around us talk about their own, it is understandable for one to conclude how stressful labour is to go through it. At Pavithram infertility clinic, we emphasise on ensuring a relaxing environment during giving birth, and that you are in the hands of the greatest obstetrician possible. Our clinic’s facilities with specialised doctors, our goal is to support safe and normal delivery. Unlike the commercial hospitals that are inclined towards performing caesarean (c-section) delivery, we are ethically driven to keep away from scissors and knives, unless it is critical. Our doctors have been chosen as the best gynaecologist in chennai for performing normal deliveries. Pavithram Specialty Clinic is often ranked as the best maternity hospitals in Chennai by our patients with the most pleasing and expert gynaecologist in Chennai, Dr. Pavithram Balaji leading the infertility centre in Choolaimedu.