With winter comes along dry, patchy, and cracked lips. And what further aggravates this woe is drying lipstick textures which may not be particularly appropriate for winter. Therefore, in the winter season, we need to become extra cautious of lipstick textures to avoid unappealing lips.

For winter, we need to go for lipsticks that have a hydrating and moisturizing formula and are non-drying on the lips. Here we list the lipstick textures that you should gravitate toward in the season.

Lip Glosses

Very hip and very 90s, lip glosses are the best lipstick textures to sport in winter. Available in both clear and color variants, lip glosses add a dazzling shiny, and glossy effect to the lips. The reason why lip glosses are the best for chilling winter is that they have hydrating and moisturizing textures, which glide onto your lips like butter. Lip glosses are a great way to amp up minimal makeup looks because they leave behind a natural finish without dampening your look. Plus, in winter, they add a healthy and glowy effect to your look, thus correcting a dull appearance. However, do opt for lightweight lip glosses over heavy and goopy textures as the latter will feel uncomfortable on the lips. Also, prefer the ones that are high on shine.

Velvet Matte Lipsticks

Why miss out on your mattes in winter when you can go opt for velvety mattes? Matte lipstick textures have a reputation for drying out your lips and may not be the best option for winter. But on the other hand, lipsticks with velvety matte textures combine glossy/creamy and matte textures and are a popular option among buyers. It looks appealing on your lips as it leaves behind a luxurious and velvety finish. Velvety Matte Lipsticks have a moisturizing and conditioning effect on the lips and don’t lead to cracked or chapped lips. Such lipstick textures strike the right balance between a sophisticated matte finish and a healthy hydrated look, thus offering you the best of both worlds in the season.

Cream Lipsticks

Cream lipsticks are more moisturizing and hydrating than matte lipsticks. Generally, creamy lipstick textures harbor more wax content as compared to matte lipsticks and leave behind a super creamy finish. Owing to their creamy and buttery formulas, cream lipsticks feel extremely comfortable on the lips and stop them from getting cracked or chapped. Some cream lipstick formulations also give out a shiny effect, which particularly looks appealing in winter. Make sure you opt for a long-lasting and smudge-proof cream lipstick to stop the color from moving, fading, or getting messy.

Creamy Matte Lipsticks

Striking the right combination between matte and creamy lipstick textures, Creamy Matte Lipsticks are another must-have for the winter. These lipsticks feel incredibly smooth, weightless, and moisturizing on the lips. Again, cream lipsticks hardly crack or dry up your lips, thus making them look supple and plump. These lipsticks impart a soft matte finish to your lips, which looks appropriate for winter. Therefore, if you are a matte lover and can’t give them a miss in the winter, you should opt for creamy matte lipsticks. A popular option among makeup lovers, creamy matte lipsticks nowadays have advanced formulations that blur out imperfections on the lips and make them look even and perfect.

Hydrating Liquid Matte Lipsticks

Liquid matte lipsticks are a raging favorite among lipstick lovers. But a lot of them tend to dry up the lips badly due to which most people bid farewell to liquid lipsticks and the bold and opaque pigment they bring along. But with hydrating matte lipstick textures, you no longer have to deprive yourself of the joys of liquid matte lipsticks. Although matte, these lipsticks contain hydrating ingredients like Vitamin E and Tea Tree Oil that soothe and hydrate the lips and prevent moisture loss. Such lipsticks do not irritate but rest lightly on your lips. However, hydrating matte lipstick textures do not compromise on the coverage and are as opaque as any other liquid matte lipstick. This one is a complete must-have for winter. And if you like wearing bold and dark colors in winter, such lipsticks come to your rescue as these provide intense color and opaque coverage while keeping your lips moisturized at the same time.

This winter season, say goodbye to lipsticks that end up making your lips dry, cracked, and chapped. Flaunt a moisturized, bold, and soft pout throughout the winter season with the aforementioned lipstick textures.