Excellent self-adhesive label designs that are long-lasting and sturdy have been produced by the organisation. The self adhesive labels were created via thorough study and innovation to precisely meet the requirements of the many sectors. Additionally, they are economical and provide a decent return on investment.

Depending on user requirements, several manufacturing materials, such as semi-gloss surface polyethylene, matt white polyester, and direct thermal labels, may be used. In addition to being designed for low temperature conditions, freezer labels can tolerate high moisture levels without peeling off. Barcode labelling is a perfect application for thermal transfer printers, which have a working temperature range of -150 c to 900 c.

Our labeler machines are frequently used in pharmaceutical syrup, dry syrup, honey, edible oil, lubricant oil, hair oil, shampoo, phenol, fruit juice, ready-to-drink juice, cosmetics, talc, bleach, herbal, and ayurvedic powder, wine, liquor, electrical components, dental products, adhesive, glu, rubber, stationery, LIP balm, petroleum jelly, hair developer, hair straightener, hand wash, dish wash, hand sanit