As an indigenous Cuban who was in over 20 years on the island, I frequently receive inquiries from people looking to visit Havana, Cuba: what to do and where to go and most importantly how great is the Havana food? Havana and where can you find the most delicious cuisine within Havana, Cuba?

The truth is that Havana isn’t always known for having the most prestigious food-related image. However, as I tell my acquaintances, it’s all about the place you go to for the most delicious Cuban cuisine in Havana. There are a lot of bad eateries and cafes. The bad quality typically stems from the absence of food items available for residents. However If you study and study ahead of time, you are sure to have a great time enjoying some delicious food and drinks.

Today, I’m creating an extremely comprehensive and transparent guide to the most popular eateries, cafes, and bars that are in Havana. In this way, you’ll be able to have fun in my home town and sample delicious food without needing to figure out which restaurants are the best.

This travel guide to Havana can help you plan a fun and affordable trip without breaking the bank! Every year more than 2 million international tourists book cheap flights to Havana to explore Havana’s iconic sights and neighborhoods.


One of the most popular places to eat that you can find in Havana can be found at Mojito Mojito. As the name implies this is where you should go to sample one of the most delicious mojitos available in Havana. It’s a great place to hang out with a variety of choices for drinks and food and is located in the middle of one of the most sought-after areas in Old Havana. If you’re visiting during the night the restaurant will play traditional Cuban music show every night so you can have good food, great drinks and great music all in one go!

La Guarida

It is among the most well-known palacedares (private restaurants owned through Cuban residents, and not by the authorities) located in Havana. Since its beginning it has been one of the top places to visit for both locals and tourists when they want to have the good times and eat delicious food!

The restaurant has been the center of attention (literally) for a long time Some of the scenes in the Oscar-nominated Cuban film Fresa y Chocolate have been shot there. Rihana was filmed there along alongside Vanity Fair, and many celebrities from around the world visit the restaurant each year. It is believed that Usher was a guest at some of his wedding festivities on the roof in the dining room! Overall, it’s the perfect spot to be and enjoy Havana.


It’s one of the most hidden gems in Havana. Because the restaurant isn’t located in Old Havana or located close to one of the main tourist destinations, you will not get the same amount of people. However, the restaurant is worth the drive. The food is delicious and the place itself is extremely cozy. You can even find free-rooster and hens that make it even more Caribbean. The restaurant is awarded extra points due to the fact that the staff are able to play some fantastic music. You should try the octopus, or some of the seafood dishes listed on the menu. They are all delicious!


Antojos is the ideal place for a delicious traditional Cuban food in a truly authentic and traditional Cuban ambience. The restaurant is situated within Old Havana on a small pedestrian street. Its outdoor area is great to watch people while enjoying amazing food and truly delicious drinks. Take a look at your hand at the Ropa Vieja (traditional Cuban dish made with shreds of beef) The chef knows precisely how to cook the dish… Delicious!


Best Bars In Havana Cuba

Fabrica de Arte Cubano

Fabrica De Arte Cubano is certainly an extremely adored spots in Havana. TIME magazine just added it to its listing of World’s Greatest Places! I’m with them, since Fabrica de Arte Cubano isn’t an ordinary Havana club or restaurant. It’s more than just an art gallery situated within an older factory. They host Cuban and international artists performers, artists, and lots of other activities. The venue itself is massive and visitors can view and take in all kinds of art, from interpretive installations to sculptures and paintings and live performances. Make sure to arrive early or you’ll have to wait at least one hour before you can enter since the lines are long! It’s a must-see place!

El Floridita

It is among the most popular bars in Cuba due to it being one of his favorite bars in Havana. Even though it is very popular, The Floridita is one of the bars that you should visit when they are in Havana to the first time. Additionally, it’s an enjoyable way to follow Hemingway’s steps in Havana. Hemingway was a famous writer who loved to sip a great daiquiri while in El Floridita, so don’t be averse to experience the same!

El Cocinero

El Cocinero is another one of my favorite bars in Havana that is located close to Fabrica de Arte Cubano. The rooftop bar is a lot of enjoyable, particularly during the warm summer evenings. El Cocinero serves not only delicious cocktails but also delicious tapas as well as traditional Cuban food, so if you’re feeling hungry, you can always eat at the bar. Be sure to reserve in advance, as it gets very crowded in the evening!


Espacios is another favorite restaurant and bar among locals in Havana It is an extremely recommended spot in this list of the top places to eat and bars in Havana. The restaurant is situated within a massive Havana home that, in contrast to many of the older buildings in Havana it has a more contemporary feel. The main attraction is the large outdoor patio at the back which is where you can savor tasty tapas and drinks outdoors. Espacios is a favorite for those who live in Havana particularly to meet up with your friends prior to or after a night out at a dance!