Whether you’re rumbling through the subcontinent on a classic Enfield motorcycle or bumping along in an air-conditioned sedan, there are few experiences as exhilarating and immersive as a road trip. The long drives, the music blaring from your speakers, and the brief encounters with locals all contribute to an experience you’ll never forget. With the slackening of restrictions on domestic travel, you can now Rental car for a road trip to destinations all over India. However, it is crucial to remember that these trips require proper planning to be enjoyable. You’ll need a well-maintained vehicle, the right gear, and a good map of the route.

With the slackening of restrictions, many people are opting for road trips as a mode of transport. This is particularly true in India, where the roads are well-maintained and the scenery is breathtaking. Here are some of the best road trips you can take in India with your car.

Shimla to Manali

The scenic route from Shimla to Manali is one of the most popular road trips in India. The River Beas accompanies the entire drive and the beautiful landscape will leave you speechless. The road to Manali is full of monasteries, awe-inspiring lakes, and the famous snow-capped mountains. The hill station is also home to several delectable restaurants. The best time to take this road trip is from March to June and again between October to December.

Pune to Lonavala

A weekend getaway for Mumbaikars, this picturesque road trip is a must-do. The lush green foliage lining the slim road gives it a magical aura and offers a calm atmosphere to enjoy the fresh breeze blowing in your hair. The quaint town offers a laid back vibe and the locals are known for their chikki, a yummy treat to bite into.

Chennai to Pondicherry

The 155 km road from Chennai to Pondicherry is the perfect option for a relaxing holiday. The journey will take about 10 hours and the enchanting view of the sea on one side and verdant hills on the other makes it perfect for a road trip. The swaying Pamban bridge over the sea adds to the beauty of the trip. The en-route places like Mahabalipuram, the UNESCO world heritage site and Munnar are sure to make your trip more interesting.

Bangalore to Bandipur Forest

The road trip from Bangalore to Bandipur forest is a must-do for any nature lover. The dense forest is a natural habitat for many animals and it is quite safe to take the road trip. However, you must be prepared for some animal sightings. You must also be armed with an adventurous spirit, as the road to Bandipur is quite curvy and steep you can you book self drive car rental Bangalore for same.

The pristine forest is full of wildlife and you’ll see various animals on the way, including monkeys, elephants, and deer. This road trip is a great adventure for families and solo travellers alike. The forest is dotted with numerous restaurants and dhabas, so you’ll have plenty of options to stop and dine at.