Heavy-duty Tata Prima Trailer offers more payload, which is a need for some users. Conversely, the highly adaptable Tata Signa Tipper offers multipurpose services usability for others. 

Besides, Tata Motors always seems to be satisfied with offering quality. In addition, by adding features to the body structure, their trucks serve various purposes. 

Nevertheless, discover more about Tata Prima Truck and Signa Truck too. Find the price and specifications here. 

1. Tata Prima 5530.S Trailer

The Tata Prima 5530.S Trailer is a remarkable heavy-duty vehicle designed to deliver exceptional performance and efficiency. Equipped with a robust Cummins ISBe 6.7L BS6 engine producing 300 HP, it ensures eco-friendly operations. 

Moreover, boasting a GVW of 55000 kg, this trailer offers impressive load-carrying capacity. Its wheelbase of 3890 MM and 10 tires contribute to stability and control on the road. 

Additionally, the sizable 557-litre fuel tank provides extended journeys. In terms of efficiency, the trailer offers a mileage of 2.5-3.5 kmpl. 

Also, with a price range of Rs. 44.36 – 51.36 Lakh, it is a cost-effective choice. Hence, the Tata Trailer harmonizes strength, capacity, and economy seamlessly.

2. The Tata Signa 2823. K HD 9S Tipper

The Tata Signa Tipper is a formidable choice for heavy-duty tasks. Its Cummins ISBe 5.6 BS6 engine generates 220 HP for robust power. 

With a GVW of 28000 kg and a substantial payload capacity of 16000 kg, it’s a reliable workhorse for demanding jobs. The 3880 MM wheelbase contributes to stability during operations. 

Furthermore, the tipper’s 300 Ltr. fuel tank and mileage range of 2.75-3.75 KMPL offer efficient long-haul capabilities.  Available in the price range of Rs. 42.27 to 45.47 Lakh, the Tata Signa truck presents an excellent value proposition.