If you’re a pickleball player, you know that staying warm is one of the most important things. You don’t want to get sick or have an accident on the court because it’s too cold out there. But what if there was no way to stay warm in your own backyard? Luckily for us all, there are plenty of ways to keep our toes and fingers at just the right temperature while playing pickleball:


Layers are a great way to stay warm, especially in the winter months. They are also good for layering under your clothes when you’re playing outside.

  • Base layers: These are what you wear underneath your shirt and pants, or if it’s cold out, they can be worn alone. A good example is an undershirt or tank top that wicks away sweat and keeps you dryer than your t-shirt would otherwise be if it were just directly on top of it. It should fit snugly enough so that there isn’t any bunching around the neck area, but not so tight as to restrict movement while playing pickleball (especially important if you want freedom of movement).
  • Mid-layer: This layer should be something thin enough to keep heat close but not too thick where heat wont escape easily; this will depend on how much insulation each layer gives off as well as how much clothing weight we’re trying to save by wearing multiple layers at once! We recommend wool sweaters over synthetics like polyester because wool breathes better than synthetics do; however this does mean having two separate layers instead of one combined piece–so choose wisely depending on conditions (in case one gets soaked first!).

Full-length Pants

  • Full-length pants are the best way to stay warm on the court. They cover your ankles and have pockets for hands, so you can hold a racket or water bottle without taking them off.
  • The right fit is important: If a pair of pants feels too tight around your waist, they may restrict blood flow to your legs and make it hard for them to warm up properly before serving or hitting the ball with accuracy. A loose pair will also tend to ride up as sweat builds up under them during play; this makes it harder for players with long legs (like me) who need more room!


One of the most important pieces of gear is handwear, and there are a number of options available. The best choice depends on whether you’re playing indoors or out:

  • Wool or fleece gloves are warmer than mittens because they have more insulation between your fingers, while also offering better grip on the paddle. They’re also less likely to slip off in wet conditions or when your hands get sweaty (which can happen quickly if you’re playing outdoors). If you have trouble finding wool/fleece gloves that fit well enough but still offer good protection against cold weather conditions, then consider buying some thick fleece lining at home before heading out onto the court—this will give them extra warmth without adding bulk around your wrists!

Take a Hot Drink

Hot drinks are good for you, but they can also make you feel warm. Tea is a great choice because it’s usually not too hot and doesn’t have any caffeine or sugar in it. You should always drink water before and after playing pickleball, as well as during breaks between sets (if your body is not used to being sweaty).

Don’t forget that eating nutrients will help keep your body energized throughout the day! If you eat fruits or vegetables before playing a game of pickleball, then go ahead and snack on them afterwards.

Pay attention to your comfort levels if you want to stay warm and play your best pickleball.

Pay attention to your comfort levels if you want to stay warm and play your best pickleball.

  • You need to pay attention to how much heat you’re generating with your body, which can be an important factor in staying comfortable on the court. If it’s too cold out, then wear layers of clothing that will keep you warm while playing pickleball.
  • Keep your hands and feet warm by wearing gloves or mittens (depending on the weather) and socks (depending on where they are in relation to the rest of their body parts). You could also use wool hats; however, these may not provide enough protection against wind chill if they’re not worn during bad weather conditions.* Dress lightly when possible so that it doesn’t take too much effort for people around you at school/work/etcetera know exactly what clothes/shoes etcetera make sense for them since most people don’t understand exactly how much clothing costs until after purchasing something new every month since birth!


As you can see, there are many ways to stay warm on the pickleball court. You may want to try out some of these tips and see which works for you. If none of them work for you, then it’s time to take your game up another level by investing in a better pair of socks or gloves!

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