Are you sick and tired of your clothes? When the weather outside is awful, and you need to wear many layers, it’s easy to get discouraged when putting together your morning outfit. Pantone is a great source of fashion inspiration. Pantone is considered to be the undisputed authority on color. Viva Magenta was named Pantone’s 2023 Color of the Year in December. With this information, you can rest assured that the vibrant color will continue to appear in more and more outfits throughout the year; therefore, why not add a splash of the current trending hue to your wardrobe?

How can men wear Viva Magenta?

Viva Magenta suits

This color has a distinct personality, the style is straightforward, and anything solid looks exclusive and niche. Lovely viscose or a silk-silk blend would look great with this color on a suit. When old-fashioned windowpane is used, a cheque pattern rarely goes wrong. Checks made with this color as a base or highlight, probably with a darker tonal, magenta, or navy.

Viva Magenta casualwear

The market for tops for men is set to be dominated by Viva Magenta. The most talked-about items will be structured t-shirts, slightly darker hues in jackets, accents in sweaters, color blocks, stripes, and other similar items. This shade of washed-colored denim is also considered a winning street-style look. Also, these winter varsity jackets are oversized there, and this color can be a big hit. Men’s polos, and accents in any category, are a big win.

Magenta offers a plethora of options for men who believe in self-expression and have a rebellious spirit. Wear neutral T-shirts with magenta chinos or bottoms or clean T-shirts with denim for a casual look. A fun pair of sunglasses always stays in style: This points to your newly developed style vision. For those who want to add a dash of magenta to their date nights, think about that shy red denim jacket with a shearling collar and get playful for a casual night. Add a gold watch and your favorite pair of jeans to make it more exciting. This outfit is appropriate for both dinners with coworkers and date nights.

Viva Magenta sportswear

Now, if you think back to past influences, nothing beats an excellent cut-and-sew detail in a street or sports setting. This color looks fresh everywhere, so you can almost pair it with blues, whites, and blacks in a color block. You can also use it in majors and accents.

Bright pants

Fashion designers face a creative challenge when experimenting with a distinctive and daring color like Magenta. It is essential to style the color with hues that complement it without diminishing its brightness. It can be challenging to wear vibrant bottoms, vivid colors, and bold reds. Pairing it with a beige or plain silk blouse is one way to emphasize the bright color. Statement shoulder bags will complete the ensemble!

Monochromatic clothes

Magenta has an independent spirit in its pulse. Menswear using color doesn’t have to be about making a bold statement that goes against the grain. Magenta is the perfect color to spice up a monochrome ensemble in addition to the traditional pops of color found in pocket squares, ties, socks, and other accessories. There can never be too much. Wearing Magenta in a silk shirt, pants, and oversized jacket will give the wearer more self-assurance. Add a pair of chunky or sleek white trainers to make the outfit stand out if going all-black is not your style.

Viva Magenta: A trendsetter

Magenta has been used on red carpets for a long time and is not showing any signs of slowing down. We will witness the return of laser cutting, dramatic ruffles, and soft pastels of magenta paired with sunshine yellows. With its high-low mix of sporty jackets and embellished slip skirts, Fendi channeled the 90s grunge. The sweatshirts are expected to be some of the best of the season, proving that luxe athleisure will be big this season. After the pandemic, this color will be warmly welcomed by bolder graphic design and contemporary makeup. The color stands for bravery, self-confidence, and unwavering strength. In place of other muted alternatives, men’s wardrobes can incorporate bolder silk prints and colored leather accessories.

Viva Magenta accessories

This market will once more place a significant wager on this color, from sunglasses to caps for men; This color can help pants stand out. It should be no surprise that this color will catch on because so much is being done with sneakers for men! This could be a lovely accent that brings out the style. Darker shades of red have long been used by menswear to convey power. If you look around the market right now, you’ll see it used as an intense accent color. This makes red an evolutionary color that designers love. This color works well with various styles, including tees, polos, jackets, sweaters, and socks.


Statement accessories will join the bold outfits to complete the look. Watches and sunglasses in neutral tones will make the color pop and add a relaxed style factor. Also, chunky sneakers, which exemplify fierce grace and a sense of fun, are powerful. Even though sneakers and wristwatches are cool, Viva Magenta’s dynamic hue will be accentuated by cream-colored accessories. An exuberant appearance can be achieved by pairing an Indian kurta with a red Bandi. Those who can pull it off should buy socks in magenta for subtle boldness. Another way to wear the bold shade of red is to wear a bright muffler or just an embellished overcoat.

What other colors can you style with Pantone’s color of the year?

The maximalist color draws the observer’s full attention. The color will always be safe with black, white, and cream tones. If you want to try something new, you can use well-known colors like sunshine yellow, cerulean blue, and leaf green. This intense shade has emerged as a new fashion trend for the upcoming seasons due to the frequent appearance of large, bold, and amplified abstract patterns on the runways. Fashion creators who take inspiration from these brave and powerful prints will try printing techniques that can produce a stunning street style.


Colors don’t know of gender. We live in an era where anyone can wear anything they like. So if you like a splash of color to your clothes, we suggest you add this vibrant and beautiful color to your wardrobe, and you will be trendy with the color of the year: Viva Magenta. As we saw, men can style it really easily and it works with many colors. It can give you an elegant look on various occasions, so it’s a safe choice if you wanna make an excellent first impression.