Birthdays are occasions celebrated to rejoice in the happiness of childbirth in a family. Cakes, gifts, balloons, new dresses, toys, etc., are just synonyms for birthdays for everyone. Birthday becomes no less than a festival for many. People invite their friends, families, neighbors, and loved ones and throw them a party to celebrate this day. Birthday celebrations are about merry-making, receiving presents, engaging in fun activities, and being the day’s main attraction.

A Gift For All

Friends or loved ones staying afar send presents via online delivery. Nobody misses a chance to wish the birthday boy/girl on their big day. Even nobody would want to miss the chance of getting a slice of the birthday cake to eat.

So, if the birthday of your loved ones staying in Jakarta is approaching and you’re planning to surprise them, get them a birthday cake. If you’re staying afar, remember you’ve birthday cake delivery services in Jakarta, too!

Surprise Them With a Flavored Cake-

Cakes have become an integral part of any birthday celebration. Children love to eat visually appealing cakes. Nowadays, every type of customization is possible and is even available. Get your loved ones a customized theme cake for their birthday. You can check out the following types of flavored cake that you can opt for when you go for birthday cake delivered to Jakarta.

  1. Chocolate cakes- Chocolate cakes are an all-time favorite of every individual. The cake’s rich, moist, soft texture makes it tasty and mouth-watering. Various compositions of chocolate cakes like milk chocolate, dark chocolate, black forest, chocolate fudge, and chocolate ganache are also in high demand.
  2. Vanilla cakes- Vanilla flavors draw an artistic touch to every blank canvas. These flavors are light, fluffy, and versatile. These are mostly used as a decorative portion on a cake and have a smooth taste.
  3. Red velvet cake- With sprinkles of tanginess, the red velvet cakes are fluffy and have a rich red-colored texture. Red velvet goes well with cream cheese frosting, which adds a playful taste to the cake.
  4. Fruit cake- A combination of sophisticated and exotic fruits is plated on the top of a fruit cake, with sprinkles used as a filling for the cake. These cakes are very flavorful and fresh.
  5. Carrot cakes- A mixture of grated carrots with cinnamon and some nuts, the carrot cakes are a unique present for birthdays. The cakes are ice-frosted, giving the pallet a delicate and subtle taste.


These are some of the best-sold flavored cakes. You can get these from any bakery in Jakarta. You can place an order before the date of your requirement. Shops accept customizable and theme-based cakes also. So, what are you waiting for? Get your loved ones a birthday cake delivered to Jakarta as a surprise!

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