The majority of people unconsciously clench, grind, or gnash their teeth throughout the day or while they sleep, a condition known as bruxism in medicine. Bruxism that is mild may not need therapy. However, bruxism can be regular and severe enough in some people to cause jaw difficulties, migraines, cracked or chipped teeth, and other issues. New Braunfels Orthodontics can help treat it.

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is a common disorder that primarily affects young children (4 to 12 years old) and occasionally affects adults. People with this illness have been seen to grind their teeth, usually when they sleep, as a result of sleep or stress-related issues. If untreated, bruxism can have serious effects on one’s health, including harming one’s teeth and exacerbating headaches.

Although stress and worry can trigger teeth grinding, it usually happens when you sleep and is more likely brought on by an irregular bite, missing, or misaligned teeth. It may also be a side effect of snoring or be brought on by a sleep problem like sleep apnea.

A form of sleep disturbance when persons frequently clench or grind their teeth while they’re asleep. The majority of times, those who experience sleep bruxism are unaware of the problem, but their sleeping companions may easily identify it. The most frequent age range for this is between 4 and 12. If left untreated, this problem might worsen between the ages of 7 and 10.

Teeth grinding is an issue that affects both adults and children. Between 15% and 33% of kids clench their teeth. When baby teeth erupt and when permanent teeth erupt are the two occasions when teeth grinding is most prevalent in children. After these two sets of teeth have erupted more fully, the majority of kids stop grinding their teeth and rarely need any interventions or therapies.

All age groups can exhibit awake bruxism. However, many people unknowingly clench or grind their teeth when awake. This is primarily caused by emotional factors, such as being stressed out, angry, anxious, frustrated, or lost in intense concentration. New Braunfels Orthodontist can help kids overcome all of these issues.

Children tend to grind their teeth more often at night than during the day. Although the cause of kids grinding their teeth is unknown, it may be brought on by misaligned teeth, uneven upper-lower tooth contact, and psychological factors including stress and worry.

Children who grind their teeth often lose the habit as they get older. However, depending on how much you grind and clench your teeth, bruxism can occasionally result in serious damage to your teeth. Broken teeth and flattened crowns might lose their sharpness. Severe bruxism can lead to long-lasting, annoying or boring headaches that occur quite frequently. It can cause excruciating jaw pain, making simple tasks like eating very challenging. Children who have this condition may not eat properly, which can further harm their health.