There’s no denying that kids grow fast but do you know they grow the fastest during the first 6 months of life when they will double their birth weight, grow by about 4.5 inches in length and increase their head circumference by about 3 inches? In fact, this is the fastest that babies will grow in their lifetime. One way to remember exactly how tiny your baby was once is by capturing his/her hand or foot imprints. To capture this special moment, you can buy baby ink footprints and handprints kits and create the perfect prints of your baby simply in seconds!

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A Beautiful Baby Handprint Kit- A Gift to Treasure


A baby footprint and handprint kit perfectly illustrate how tiny your baby was once. It can also be a fantastic gift for those special days, such as baby showers, birthdays, Christmas and Mother’s or Father’s Day. Nothing can compare or ever come close to the love that parents feel for their children, and a baby print kit is a perfect way to capture that love and unique bond forever!


Shop Premium Quality Ink Footprints and Handprints from Baby Made


Take detailed prints of your baby’s hands and feet with Baby Made’s easy-to-use and non-toxic footprint and handprint kit set. The ink for baby feet and hand enables you to take up to 4 sets of baby handprints or baby footprints without harming your baby’s ultra-sensitive skin. Our print kit is the easiest and mess-free way of imprinting a newborn’s arrival into this world. For a new parent, it is the best way to keep this cherished memory in a physical form.


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