Our daily conversations have started to include the term “cold-pressed.” But what is cold-pressed really? Is it worth the hype?

What are cold-pressed oils

In essence, cold pressing is a method that removes the fiber from a certain food item without the use of any heat. Plant oils can be extracted in a variety of ways. But, cold pressing is special since it can be produced without heat or chemicals and is healthful and environmentally benign. As a result, the meal’s nutritional value is preserved, and because the oxidation process is relatively slower, the food may even taste better. This method-produced oil is perfect for cooking since it helps food preserve its flavor, aroma, and nutritional content.

In contrast to highly refined oils, these oils are the sole vegan, healthful, and nutrient-rich source of fatty acids that our body requires. Cold-pressed oils are healthy for your body since they include all the necessary nutrients, including antioxidants, vitamins, lecithin, phospholipids, and vital fatty acids. Their nutritious qualities promote overall wellness, including young-looking skin and healthy hair development.

Everyday uses for cold-pressed oil include cooking, flavoring food, and applying it topically to the skin & hair. Choosing the best healthy oil for both cooking and skin/hair care needs becomes extremely challenging as a result of the market’s booming diversity of oil types and grades.

One bottle, several uses is a concept that we at SNAANA feel was used in the past. At home, a bottle of coconut oil was used for cooking as well as spot treatments for the skin and hair as required including massage. Oils were not classified according to their intended purpose, as we frequently observe in the modern world after post-industrial revolutions that produce variously rated oils (for external use only or for consumption).

Here at SNAANA, we use the age-old method of cold pressing to create more than 20 different cold-pressed oils from various nuts and seeds that are excellent for use in cooking, cosmetics, and other applications.

Best Cold Pressed oils as a Face oil for oily skin – 

  • Jojoba oil 
  • Hemp seed Oil 
  • Watermelon seed oil 

Best cold Pressed oils as Face Oil for dry Skin – 

  • Apricot kernel oil 
  • Almond oil 
  • Walnut oil 

Best cold-pressed oils for cooking/deep frying

  • Mustard oil
  • Coconut oil 
  • Sesame oil 

Benefits – 

They are a vital component of the human body, and their consumption and use have been understood for countless ages. Cold-pressed oils from indigenous nuts and seeds were used by many civilizations all over the world. Until refined oils began to enter our homes a few decades ago, these locally produced oils were a component of staple foods.

  • Health benefits of cold-pressed oil for a better quality of life.
  • They are devoid of synthetic chemicals and preservatives.
  • There are no hazardous solvent residues present.
  • They are abundant in tocopherols, a type of natural antioxidant (e.g. Vitamin E), or phosphatides (e.g. Lecithin).
  • High in nutrients and contain natural flavor (taste) and aroma
  • Highly Therapeutic
  • Beneficial for other uses, such as caring for one’s face and hair

Cold-pressed oils are considered the best cooking oils. However, people always find it difficult to choose the best oil amongst the different varieties & brands available in the market. As we mentioned earlier, different oils geographically available were used as cooking oils by different people around the world.  This means that if Greeks have been using olive oil doesn’t mean that the oil is the best to use by people all over the world as cooking oil. God has gifted us with different food as per the different regions to suit the human body and help us adapt better to the living conditions. So, throughout diverse regions of India, we Indians have been using mustard oil, sesame oil, and coconut oil (seeds/kernels cultivated locally) as the main cooking oils.