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Virtual Autism/ Autism spectrum disorder is spreading everywhere. Parents are unable to diagnose their artistic child problem due to lack of awareness. So that We are running campaign for autistic children and for their parents. We will share knowledge about autism spectrum disorder as well as therapies and techniques to cure autistic children. Early intervention is too necessary to cure autism. Please join us and help us to save our children.


An important note for parents is
If your child is:
1. Not making eye contact
2. Not responding to his/her name from the age of 9 months.
3. Speech delay.
Then, your child may be virtual autistic / autistic.
” Don’t lose hope.
Virtual autism is cureable.
Classical autism is manageable. ”
(Virtual autism caused by excessive screen time(2 hours or more) from birth to 2 years)
(Classical autism is neurological disorder.)

For helping us kick off our online fundraising campaign, we’d love to offer you a special thank you. we will share details about our work we have done with you on regularly basis.

All your support is greatly appreciated. we are excited. Thank you for being a port of our community.

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