The best investment opportunity with a high rental value Already, 3–4 lakh students study in their immediate surroundings.

In Mohali, there are several residential plots for sale. They come in different sizes and are priced differently. To buy a plot, you need to decide your exact requirements. Also, you need to check the plot’s resale value and present market value. It is advisable to take professional advice on this matter. Do your homework and research before buying a Plot in Mohali.

The Residential Plots in Mohali are a great investment option if you are looking for an ideal location to build your dream home. The plots are situated in high-end areas with luxurious amenities. A secure environment also surrounds them. You can buy plots with excellent locations and enjoy peace of mind with owning your own home.

Residential Plots in Mohali are affordable and vary by size and location. Depending on its site, you can purchase a plot for as little as Rs 30 lakhs and as much as Rs 3 crores. You can use the field for personal use or invest it in a rental property.

The size of a Plot in Mohali can vary from 100 Sq. Yds to 500 Sq. Yds. Most plots are small but still have ample space to build your dream home. In addition, township plots are close to infrastructure, business complexes, and retail centers.

Checklist before Buying a Plot in Mohali

Mohali is blessed with stunning geography. It also has all the urban amenities and entertainment that make it a great place to live. You can buy a Mohali Plot to ensure you get good future returns. Before making such a significant investment, you should remember a few things. Find out how to create an essential checklist for buying a Mohali plot.

Essential Tips Before You Buy Plots

Before buying a Plot, you must ensure that you have all the necessary documents for registration. This is also essential when evaluating and verifying the contractors and sellers. Before looking for a Mohali Plot, here are some things to remember.


When buying a Plot of land in Mohali, ensure that you select a location close to all facilities. Although Plots in less desirable locations might be more expensive, they will still provide a return on your investment.

The Plot’s Area

What size Plot are you looking for? Talk to an expert if you have a design in mind before you buy a Mohali Plot. They will help you determine how large you need to build your home. You can also learn more about the soil quality and evenness on the Plot to ensure that it remains undamaged even during Mohali storms.

The plot’s value

Location, area, and other factors affect the value of a Plot. However, the numbers you receive from a local contractor might need to be more reliable. Before you make estimates, learn about the methods used to determine the land’s value. Ask residents if they believe your estimates are accurate. To double-check your conclusions, contact an expert real estate agent.

Seller verification

Cross-verifying the seller, is a good idea to get a sense of credibility. This will prevent you from getting involved in a dispute or other issues. You can also sense the builder’s reliability by posting your questions in online forums such as Quora.

Title deeds

If the seller holds all rights to the property, you should not proceed with the purchase. Ask for the title deed to confirm the seller’s identity and trade rights.

Approval Certificates by The Local Body

Next, ensure you have covered all details regarding the registration of your plot. Greater Mohali Area Development Authority approved residential properties. It is a good idea to consult a lawyer to ensure that all necessary documents are reviewed and approved. Obtain permission before you begin construction.

It can be challenging to verify and check many things when you live a busy life. Brick & Bolt is a trusted construction management company that can handle the tedious registration process and the lengthy construction period. You will receive daily updates on the progress of the construction of your dream home, and you will be able to hand the keys over.

Mohali – An Ideal Investment Destination

Mohali is quickly becoming one of the most desirable places in the country to live and invest. The rapid development of Mohali City has seen a cosmopolitan nation. People from all walks of India and around the globe can live harmoniously on the streets. You will find tranquility and peace in the suburbs.

These factors have made Mohali an attractive spot for real estate agents across the country. These are just a few of the many benefits you can get if you decide to purchase a Mohali plot.

Mohali’s corporate boom continues to be strong, with many multinational corporations choosing to locate their headquarters here. Mohali’s diverse population makes it a perfect place for start-ups. Small businesses can thrive in this great commercial space. You can buy or invest in space in Mohali’s busiest areas. These plots are available for rent at very affordable prices. Mohali is always in demand for people to live there. This means that there will be plenty of tenants. There is a high demand to live in luxurious homes with top-quality amenities, as well as highly-paid software engineers flooding into areas such as Electronic City.

This is the epitome of smart cities.

Mohali is a smart city. It has a metro system that connects all corners of the city. Suppose you are looking for a more tech-integrated lifestyle. In that case, Mohali offers a wide range of plots that include smart, green homes, well-managed waste disposal systems, and cutting-edge technology in every corner.

The weather and the greenery

Mohali is known for its clear skies and pleasant climate. The city enjoys mild warm mornings and bright, sunny days throughout the year. It also has great, refreshing nights. Mohali is a popular family choice due to its climate, greenness, and fresh air. Mohali has managed to maintain a low population even though it boasts many parks and eco-friendly areas like Cubbon Park or Lal Bagh.

What documents should I check when buying a property in Mohali?

It is essential to ensure that all documents necessary for Plot registration are in order. We need to review all documents given to us by the property seller and cross-check any documents required to register the Plot. This will ensure that the process is smooth.

To register a Plot, you must have both primary and second title documents.

Primary documents

Parent Deed

The Parent Deed is one of the most important and essential documents for Plot registration. It includes the Sale Deed and the Gift Deed. Look for the original document issued by the court. This will allow you to trace the property’s first owner. You should trace every document that certifies property transfer through different hands until you have it handed to you. You can choose to settle for the oldest registered copy and consult a doctor to verify that the titles are correct and that the purchase was completed.

Secondary documents

Building Plan Sanction

Property owners must obtain a GMADA-issued Building Plan Sanction for individual houses and apartments. You can also get it from the Mohali Development Authority or the village panchayat that registered the property. A layout plan sanction issued to the planning authority is required for empty plots within layouts.

A Khata

The A Khata, part of the plot registration process, consists of the Khata Extract and the Khata Certificate.

Khata Certificate

The Khata Register maintains the accounts for every local registration that deals with property transfer. The GMADA (Bruhat Mohali Mahanagara Palike), and the local Panchayats, are responsible for opening accounts for all registered owners. They must pay to apply for the registration process. A Khata certificate, which serves as proof that a property is owned, is required to register a plot. The Khata certificate also includes a description of the plot and the tax paid. This certificate is required to apply for water, electricity, or a building or trading license. GMADA will only release Khata Certificates to legal heirs and property owners who have proven their rights.

Khata extract

The Khata Extract is a copy of the Khata Register page where your account was maintained. The GMADA also issues the Khata extract. It contains information about the plot size and built-up area. You will receive a requisition note and the Khata Extract at the cost of 100 rupees. Property owners can only receive Khata extracts.

B Khata

The B Khata is another mandatory document required to register a plot. The B Register is where tax details are kept for any property or unauthorized layouts.

Certificate of Encumbrance

This registers all transactions relating to a property, including the sale, mortgage, court attachment and lease. A conversion order is required if the property is located inland and was once agricultural. The Deputy Commissioner issues the conversion order.

Certificates of tax paid.

These documents record the payment of taxes on the property issued by the GMADA, BDA, or the village Panchayat.

Endorsement of the Prevention of Transfer of Certain Lands Act (PTCL).

The PTCL Endorsement, issued by the Tahsildar or the Deputy Commissioner, is one of the most important documents needed for plot registration. It verifies that the property is not being constructed on land owned by SC/ST Communities members.

Land Acquisition

You can verify that no acquisition proceedings are underway by consulting the Estate Officer of the PCS to ensure the property is not being acquired.

Family Tree

The village accountant or revenue inspector issues the family tree. It documents the genealogy of past and present owners of a property.

General Power of Attorney

This document can be notarized and allows others to act as your legal representative. If the GPA is notarized in India, it will suffice. However, the GPA must be notarized within four months for those who reside outside India. It is essential that the GPA is not canceled and is provided by the person authorized to do so.

Here are some Vaastu Tips to Follow When Buying a Residential Property in Mohali

As more people look to Ancient Indian architectural practices as a guide, Vaastu Shastra is gaining popularity. Vaastu Shastra combines all five elements of nature and focuses on creating a harmonious environment for humans and the materials used to build homes. This creates a peaceful and pleasant living experience. Make sure your plot is compliant with Vaastu before you purchase it.

Look for an apartment with a well-shaped shape. Vaastu Shastra considers a quadrilateral the ideal shape for a house. Square and rectangular houses are also ideal. East-facing apartments are a good choice because they receive natural light in the mornings and radiate positive energies.

You should ensure that the entrance to your house is located from the northeast or the northwest. Avoid houses that have entrances facing south.

The ideal location for the kitchen is in the northeast or southeast. It should not face the entrance directly.

The master bedroom should face southwest. The north should face the living room.

It is best to place the water storage tank in the northeast corner. It is recommended that water tanks of black or blue color be placed in the northeast corner to ensure that water remains pleasant and warm.

Brick & Bolt is a construction management agency that will manage the entire process from design to completion. Brick & Bolt is focused on building trust, predictability, and financial safety in construction. They will supervise every stage of the construction and plot registration process. Regular updates will be sent to the customer so that he can stay up-to-date on everything on his property.

Investing in a Mohali plot is a great way to add to your financial portfolio. It will reap considerable returns in the future.