It’s no secret that, as a culture, we are fascinated by things that belong to bygone eras. Whether it is a painting, classic car or furniture, they usually grab the attention of the people. One such type of antique thing which is a must-have in your collection is marcasite jewellery. Used for millennia, marcasite is a semi-precious stone that features in almost all distinctive jewellery pieces.

victorian marcasite ring

If you are looking to buy a ring that brings a certain grace and delicateness to your hands, go for an antique marcasite ring.

Top 3 Reasons To Buy Marcasite Ring

  • Outstanding value: Marcasite is more subtle than other stones, famous for its unique, stained glass-like shine. It’s rarer and has been a top choice for jewellers since the Greek era. It is considered the perfect replacement for more expensive materials like diamonds because of its high shine and low price tag.
  • A piece of history: Historians have found marcasite from as far back as ancient Greek culture. Wearing a piece of antique jewellery makes you the next chapter of its sparkling history.
  • Fashion statement: Authentic antique marcasite jewellery is a timeless fashion that is popular among various celebrities. When you wear a marcasite ring, you are making a fashion statement.

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