Buying descriptive essays for sale UK is a great way to have high-quality work completed in a short period of time. You can pick from a range of subjects. These include describing an individual, event, or favorite food. There are many different types of descriptive essay topics to choose from, so it is important to select the topic you have an interest in.


The procedure of writing a descriptive essay is a very personal one. Writing an essay on description is a private task. The writer needs to paint a vivid picture of the subject and make the reader feel like he or she is there. The reader is a full participant in the story and a part the author’s world.

Good descriptive essays make use of all the senses to portray the actual reality of a situation or concept. They employ sensitive details that create imaginative images that the reader can visualize. The conclusion of a descriptive essay should be pertinent to the subject of the essay, and should also restate the thesis statement.


Similes are literary devices that are used to compare two things in a similar manner. They can be employed to create many effects and create a mental image of comparison in the mind of the reader. Many kinds of similes are also employed in poetry. A simile could be as simple as complex as the poet wants it to be.

Similes are used in descriptive writing to express feelings and things. You can use them to create a vivid representation of the place or object in your essay. They can be used to improve character development and to create vivid scenes.


Metaphors are an important component of descriptive writing. It allows you to make your subject come alive and aid readers in understanding your idea. Metaphors can be simple, implied, literary, or extended. The iron curtain, which was an analogy for the political division between Western Europe and Eastern Europe during the cold war is a prime example. Another example is the White House, which represents the executive branch of the U. S.government, and the Downing Street, which represents the executive branch of the Uk government.

Metaphors can help you create an engaging and memorable descriptive essay. It is crucial to think about your audience and employ words and phrases that stimulate their interest. If you’re writing a review of cars, for instance, you will be more focused on the features most likely to attract potential customers.

Academic integrity

Academic integrity is a value set for academic professionals and requires respect and accountability of both teachers and students. It is comprised of six fundamental values. Integrity is the first value. It is about truthfulness and upholding integrity. The third and fourth values are trust and responsibility. Students who violate one or both of these values are deemed to be disrespectful towards their peers and instructors. It also reduces the institution’s’ credibility in the public’s eyes. Therefore, it is necessary for universities to enforce these standards and establish a culture of ethics and integrity.

Students must complete their assignments and examinations with accuracy and honesty in order to maintain academic integrity. Students should not copy or make use of plagiarism from other writers or papers. The quality of academic assignments is essential for future career success. Students who submit high-quality work show that they have studied the subject and are ready to move to the next stage. Students who cheat or don’t follow instructions aren’t regarded as trustworthy in their field of study and this can be detrimental to society.