Suppose you are one of those that want to invest in some good quality marijuana seeds for sale Alabama. Then you shall get a guide before making a purchase. Otherwise, you can avoid buying low-quality seeds. However, if you do good research before buying Marijuana seeds online, then you can avoid a lot of things.

Things to know before making a purchase

*Whenever you consider buying these seeds online, there are a number of factors to check. First, before making a purchase, always check if they are Indica or Sativas. Because on the one hand, Indica is a highly relaxing plant with a heavy body load. While on the other Sativas are more energetic and characterized by strong heads.

*The second thing to consider before buying marijuana is whether the seeds are feminized or auto flowers. Autoflower is a seed that doesn’t require special lighting and can grow under extreme conditions. However, on the other hand, feminized seeds only produce female plants. Hence, recommendations are to go for seeds that are feminized auto seeds.

*Moreover, always check for the THC content in your marijuana seeds. If you don’t want your weeds to be very strong, then strain 12%, which is ideal. However, if you want to go for high potency, then keep it between 20%-25%.


If you are looking for marijuana seeds for sale Alabama, then look for them online. However, before buying the seeds, check out the guide to buying marijuana seeds. There are many factors to consider before investing in the right kind of marijuana seed.